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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


My Video Rant – Red Dead Redemption: Mild, Mild West

I’m not going to beat around the bush on this one. Among other things, Rockstar games is well known for inventing ways for the character to score some sex. In the newly released action-adventure game Red Dead Redemption, prostitutes are back and in full force.


You can look, but don't touch!

The saloon, on paths, even in the middle of the desert.. these ladies are everywhere you can imagine, much like the game’s modern cousin, GTA. The only difference is that you can’t sleep with them in this game.

What’s up with that? I did say these guys made Grand Theft Auto, right? Let’s not forget the infamous Hot Coffee mod!

In this skit I document my plight as a bounty hunter that receives no true reward for his efforts.

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Maybe they are trying to capture the women in the audience that may be offended by their character suddenly nipping off for a western-style romp. Or, perhaps it wasn’t intended as a political statement at all.

Why do you think Rockstar had a change of heart?

  • Yeah. “Realistic Wild West experience”…. Suuuuuuure… Rockstar, Rockstar never changes. πŸ˜‰

    And kudos to you for the Bondage Fetish NunXTrain action, I wouldn’t have thought of it myself. πŸ˜€

    • HardAsARock

      Damn, I like the way you think Nixie. I got a massive chub watching you look for sex. lol Boing!

      It is BS though, NO swimming! No kinky sex! WTF! RS!

  • Harley

    You pulled that nun off the tracks at the last minute though, right?

    It is a little bit odd that despite the Wild West being famous for guns, liqueur and women, you can’t do the women. At least in Fallout 3 you got to sleep with women, although I only managed one.

  • neoreloaded

    Manhunt 1 & 2 is one of my all time favs by rockstar games.

    Just imagine doing what nixie did in that cowboy game for real – so i walked into a bar late Satarday night and seen some fine ass babe sitting at the bar & all i needed to use was a whip to tie her up and no one would complain about me walking out the bar with her over my shoulder!! – Mannn im not even thinking thoughts like that – am going to watch some porn – Damn

    • there is only one women u can sleep with in fallout 3 but its like almost the same as red dead so the least they coulld do was make it better than FO3

  • Have this game, haven’t hardly played it. I see they took there time to account for the many possibilities in the whore house. I laughed at you putting the nun on the train tracks. And WTF, he can take bullets but can’t fall in a little pond??? Pretty realistic.

  • Jack

    I like Rockstar’s story telling. Marstons blue balls attitude will make sense near the end game.

  • Amy

    You pulled that nun off the tracks at the last minute though, right?

    It is a little bit odd that despite the Wild West being famous for guns, liqueur and women, you can’t do the women. At least in Fallout 3 you got to sleep with women, although I only managed one.

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  • Game companies have a friend than Microsoft Windows contract with most of the companies

  • tyler chula

    lol this is awome XD hey you should check out my stuff on youtube help alot please and thx?:D

  • Franky Disco

    Hey Nixie,

    that guy in RDR is married. So why you hardly try to disrespecting his marriage? πŸ˜‰

    At least you can beat or shot down the hookers. Surely this is the appropiate treatment, when they donΒ΄t wanna sleep with you πŸ˜€


    UR HOT

  • superman man man

    i agree with franky disco. he has a wife and kids.

  • Nez

    In my Humble opinion, the fact that you cant sleep with them is Bullshit. or any women for that matter. I mean honestly. This whore tried to Steal my horse, so what’d I do? Lassoo’d that bitch off my horse and took her to the bedroom… Only to find out John, couldnt nail a chick if he had a 100 dollar bill hanging out his fly. So as an alternative, I just took her out into the desert, freed her, and Put one in the back of her head as she tried to hobble away.

    PS Dragging the prostitue through town on horseback, and the Nun Train thing, Both 10/10 Epicsauce.

    • Corgy

      Uhm, what’s everyone’s problem with a guy who’s faithful to his /wife/? It’s part of his character.

      He’s extremely moralistic when it comes to loyalty to a woman. That’s a fine ass trait for a main protagonist. : P

  • GamerGeek

    wow rockstar did a real bad number there, and the no swimming thing is still there!!! but nixie the guy is married πŸ˜› gotta respect that πŸ˜‰ but atleast the prostitutes got what they deserved for rejecting you πŸ˜›

  • you have nice tits

  • Olivia Maxwell

    Ok, we all know the reason why John Marston will not have sex with the prostitutes is because he’s married. BUT what about Jack Marston, his son? He’s not married.. and I’ve been trying to see whether you could possibly do anything with them when you’re playing as him. So far my attempts have been for not. But that’s what I’m asking.. so even when you’re playing as Jack you can’t have sex with the hookers? What the fuck!?

    And it’s funny that Rockstar allowed you to swim in GTA San Andreas, but for some reason all their other games, you try to take a bath in the lake you automatically drown. HATE. They really need to do something about that. And if they do make another game like RDR, they need to fix this hooker thing. I loved getting hookers in my car when I would play GTA Vice City. I once got all three different types of hookers in my car at once. It’s funny to listen to them cause they say the funniest shit. God, and would it kill Rockstar to make the characters look a little less ugly? I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve noticed that most of the people in these games are creepy looking. Even the women! Ugh..

  • gridkin

    If u want to c porn look it up on the internet not in I fucking game come on is not the end of the world

  • Gamers-Vlog

    Ok, wdf is everyone talking about? of course you can swim you could swim in these games: GTA: SA, and GTA IV. but you couldn’t swim in these games: GTA: VC, GTA : 3, GTA: 2, GTA, GTA: VCS,GTA: LCS, AND RDR.

  • Adrian

    I laughed so hard at the ending “life out here does that to people, I shud know my daddy kept goats” * some man dreaming about humping a horse * … This is one strange game by rockstar … no swmming, no humping, no car theft … hmmm .. but it was enjoyable

  • Mike

    Ah sucks, or in this case maybe the word sucks isn’t appropriate? Either Way Rockstar seems to have forgotten how to put the fun into its games. You get an achievement for the nun on the rails though right?? =D

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  • ABU

    Good things are fun.

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  • brayden

    ok john can not swim. in one of the missions he says he cant swim. hes un educated. so tr they thought every thing out. because if you use jack on ookers he says. my father told me to stay away from women lik you. so there alls your answer. so sop hating and start playing

  • Its the BOI

    What the french toast none of the sex? i was thinking about getting this game aswell

  • austin2056009

    sucks rock* needs to fix that

  • onyx_assassin

    in that time there, u were considered godly if u could swim. john marston is married, in case u havent noticed he is trying to get back to his wife and kid. he already knowsthat they might not be the happiest when he returns so he might as well preserve his right for sleeping on the couch instead of being sent to the floor.

  • Star

    I have hear them say “do you want to put something of yours into something of mine?”

  • Daymion11

    Hmm that is all true… Only thing u can do to them is t-bag them when there tied up. πŸ™

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