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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Seeking: Cunning Linguists

Just to get you up to speed, I’ve had 3 Xboxes die on me in three years.

frack me

Fracking Microsoft!

I’ve finally saved up for another one and I think you deserve one too. So, tomorrow (Friday) I’m going to launch a 2 week contest. where I personally give an Xbox 360 Slim away. (surprise!) Now, here’s the dillema.

I have *no* idea what to title it.

A give-away has to have a catchy name, right? Well here’s why I’ve thought of so far:

  • “Happy Llama Economic Stimulus Package” (..inventive, Nixie…)
  • “Red Ring of Death Revolt Giveaway”  (umm..)
  • “I’m Sick of the Red Ring of Death – Have an Xbox!” (, just no…)

Judging by the above names, you can see I’m in great need of help. If verbosity behooves you…

Please help title this Contest!

Just start writing whatever comes to mind (this usually works for me) I who I pick will get digital cookies and binary milk. Or at least a shoutout on my next video.

So say We All. 😎


  1. Ken Kopin says:

    BOGO: The Buy One (Nixie) Get One (You) contest.

  2. Dave says:

    Nixie’s Sexy Slim Giveaway

  3. Brad says:

    Hi Nixie name xbox360 red ring of xbox360s ?

  4. Brad says:

    i have never turned off my xbox 360 lol still working

  5. Dan says:

    Complete 360 Red Ring Contest

  6. Jak81 says:

    If you can’t lose weight, let your Xbox slim down for you 🙂

  7. ramboky says:

    Nixie’s Red Ring Giveaway!

  8. Mark says:

    Ex-Box X-travaganza?

  9. Danny Methane says:

    Slim Pickings: XBox Give Away

  10. Harley says:

    Saved up? You didn’t take them back to the store and get a replacement? My DVD Drive has been playing up on my Xbox and I am just daring it to fail!

  11. jza says:

    I’ll just name it “Fucking Microsoft”

  12. Joey says:

    NiXbox360: The Slimming

  13. VideoVillain says:

    Not So ‘Slim’ Pickings

    One Nixie, Two Boxes

    A Box In A Box, For You

    Nixie Presents – Red Dead Redemption: Slick ‘n Slim

    Thats all I can think of at 3:15am. I’ll try again later!

  14. Brutal Brandon says:

    The “Have an other P.O.S. Xbox360 on me” contest.

  15. VideoVillain says:

    I may as well keep going since I’m delirious!

    Red Ring Redemption

    Double Complete 360

    Cunning Linguist Stimulus Package

    The Cunning Linguist Stimulates X Boxes (at a time) — oh snap that seems clever to me right now. Watch out, The Cunning Linguist Stimulated Again!

    Oh geez, I need to stop, my mind is obviously mush now. I can’t wait to come back tomorrow and see how horrible these sound when I’ve had some proper sleep. g’night.

  16. VideoVillain says:

    Don’t forget that a rainbow is actually a full circle – 360 degrees… also there are two 360’s to give away… which makes Double Complete 360 quite witty, and relevant to nerds.

    And for a real stretch, Complete is a multi-vitamin that helps you watch your weight and stay ‘Slim’ !!


  17. Bas says:

    Just who wouldn’t want a Nixbox360?

  18. AlexanderPCT says:

    1. no carpet under the box
    2. open it and clean it twice a year
    3. take the damaged box, and make it HOT (no dont flirt, i meat heat ^^) the solder of the GPU will melt and the box will work again … take a hotargun but protect the condenser … or just wrap the hole box into a thick towel turn it on and let it run over night 😉

    • n1ghtsn1p3r says:

      Don’t do the towel trick.

      Just remove the fans and the fan shroud, put the DVD drive back in (reconnect the power and data cables to the drive) and set the fan on top of the DVD drive and CPU heatsink and let it run for about 30 minutes, so it will still keep the CPU cool, which is where the temp sensor is, but allows the GPU to get hot. Might not always work

      I also modified the heatsink mounting system on mine with screws going through the chassis. I”m thinking that the issue with mine is that I don’t have anything putting pressure on the underside of the board, so I have to readjust the screws every time it RRoDs.

  19. n1ghtsn1p3r says:

    The Technology Hates Me Giveaway

    Yeah I got nothing, but I do feel the same way with my Xbox

    Mine suffers from the RRoD constantly. I can usually get it working again, but it only lasts about a day or two now. Sometimes I will get the RRoD to go away, put the console back together, and hook it back up and only to have it come back when I turn it on. Plus the Hitachi DVD drive in it went out. It’s one of the ones from late 2006.

  20. Terrapisces says:

    How about ‘The Great Burning Ring of Fire Contest’

  21. Kelly Borys says:

    Couldn’t think of a good title but how about a theme song.
    “It’s one ring, two rings, three rings, F@CK! Daylight come and me needa new xbox.”
    “Pay-no, payyyy-oh no. Daylight come and me extended warranty expired.”

    I probably could go on but that’s enough.

  22. With the 360 slims there is no more red ring of death the ring is now Green. So RROD is gone.

    Death of the RROD, birth of the GROD 😀

    Out with the Red and in with the Green.

    I see Green (ring) Contest.

    OOOOHH SHINY contest. (well the slims are shiny and glossy)

    The Real (360) Slim Shady contest.

    I AM GROD!

    I think that is it for now 😀

  23. Zubergeek says:

    You can haz my stufz!!!1


    All my stuffz r belongs to you!!!!1

  24. Ant'ny says:

    Nixie’s xbox Contest: Putting the “x” in “box” before the Digital Age!

  25. St4bby says:

    “Yeah, that ain’t ringworm…” Giveaway!

  26. Nixie says:

    Bah! A lot of these are good.. oh the conundrum! =3

  27. Jank Hank says:

    Wait so we’re just naming the contest? Or is that how we win, too?

    Nixie’s Ginormous Giveaway of Gaming Goodness


    Those are my two

  28. Lycan says:

    How about “I want Nixie’s slim box” contest!!

  29. I am biased but i think mine are the best 😀

  30. Haha i love lycan’s but it would be better shortening it saying:

    “I want Nixie’s Box” contest LOL

  31. Josh Surber says:

    Was the title of this post supposed to sound like cunnilingus? Or do I just have that kind of a mind?

  32. Josh says:

    Hmmm… Nixie’s “Required Upgrade” Giveaway!
    Nixie’s Red and Dead Sweepstakes!
    Nixie’s Achievement Unlocked : Slim’n’Sexy Giveaway!

  33. Alex says:

    I suggest “Red Ring Comes Full Circle Giveaway” Nice and to the point.

  34. Bas says:

    How about Nixie’s Red Ring to Rule your Roost giveaway?

  35. systm says:

    I’ve tried all of those tricks and they only really extend the life of your box not save them.

    The Increasing Microsofts Profits Giveaway
    The “It’s another Xbox, and no I don’t have more, but I have bought two previously, giveaway”
    The “Time to join the club of more then two 360 purchases” giveaway

    I know the feeling, I had my original (see launch month purchase 06) die one me after all these alleged “fixes” and it only gave me two – three months more. Now I’m getting a Reach Slim, hopefully doesn’t fail and doesn’t launch a successor w/in th next two years or I will have to face palm again..

  36. I like Nixies smooth shiny box. contest LOL

    I am green with envy. (nice little green light pun if i do say so my self haha)

    I like josh’s Slim ‘n sexy giveaway. it sound cool.

  37. Tuxabuser says:

    Isnt Microshaft still fixing that for free? My original sys. red ringed 6 mths after unpacking. I’ve had the elite sys for a year and a half , logging about 20-30 hrs a week with no probs. What the heck are you doing to your ahum Xboxes?

  38. Spaceboy_G says:

    “Nixie’s Promise Ring Giveaway.”

    Because she loves us so much.

    Good luck gang!

  39. David G says:

    Win Nixie’s HOT Box!!!
    Okay I’m a sucker for geeky girls, I LOVE redheads, and I like Xbox. Nuff said.

  40. Jessie S says:

    -The 2nd best thing a woman can give ; )


    -It’s the “Hey I have a spare xbox, I know contest giveaway. Ok now make up a contest… ughhh thinking is hard. I just want to play my new xbox. Wait I got it. Nixie your a genius.” contest!!

  41. Jeremy L says:

    Red ring around the Xbox….. 3 Years of having an Xbox…. .Win a Slim new Xbox… For your chance to geX-a-box.

  42. Security says:

    I have to say I am really happy the PS3 does not have such type of failures in such large scale. 🙂
    Apparently with the Xbox 360 Slim MS made the exact same errors they made with the first revision of the 360… I hope it doesn’t RROD again (well it won’t cus they changed the color but still… :p) but the chance is pretty big.

  43. Gr1mzB4n3 says:

    I would name it, why can’t micro$oft make a solid gaming system with all the money power and resources they have contest.

  44. promise rings are very memorable to me because i gave a promise ring to my girlfriend who became my wife after a year :

  45. Bench Saw says:

    you can buy some promise rings from ebay but those are the cheap ones, the quality ones are sold elswhere .–

  46. Cliff says:

    How about a chance to get your hands on Nixie’s box!

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