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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Sex Sells.. but this?

I understand what they were going for here.. and having two “naked” women that you get to dress and undress seems intriguing for men and some sex positive women — but do you think this is a successful advertisement?

I can see the wife opening her Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa present now.

Wife: “Oooh honey I love it! Since when did you get such style?”
Husband: “Well, I spent all afternoon making a digital girl strip and then followed the links she gave. That Molly is great.. like a fashion assistant for dummies!”
“Dummies?! More like men. On second thought.. I don’t think Molly has such good taste. We will return it tomorrow.”



  1. Daniel says:

    Oh man… I can’t help but laugh at this… I never thought in my life I would have fun dressing naked girls on youtube…

    Wow… ok, that REALLY didn’t sound right

  2. Torch says:

    Absolutely Brilliant!

    Who knew that, given the right opportunity, guys WOULD like to play with dolls?!?

    Mattel really missed the boat on this one!

  3. I lost interest right away…too much talking, not enough action. You say they are selling clothes?

  4. Mr Poe says:

    ehh, I guess it is a good idea in theory, but I would rather look at them minus the bars, then dress them up all day.

    I’m a guy and having them wear the clothes I chose doesn’t justify the 20 minutes I would lose doing this.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Ok i also get where they were going and i found it to be mildly amusing though i dont really think its successfull i didnt even pay attention to the side bar till like her shirt and than i never accually felt the need to click it. though im sure somewhere it would be a hit i mean geeze some people will just by anything!

  6. rudxai says:

    I dress them all i swear lol

  7. Jim says:

    Wow they are as annoying as most clothed chicks…(Nixie and other tech women are not annoying luckily)



  9. hn says:

    wow this is one cheap publicity stunt. I’m very sensitive to spamming and excessive SEO’ing, and just the way they tagged their videos (for example, the “making of”, which is 30% behind the scenes stuff and 70% ad for some voting process yadayada) puts me off: “kim kardashian”. who is never being talked about. This shitty behaviour outweighs the low sexism by far. (The nice thing about YouTube-SEO is, that it’s so easy to spot, since they can only spam in the title, desc & tags…)

  10. cLeft aSunder says:

    Have you seen Gamer yet!!!!!

    Why does this not remind of that film and surrogates too. The interent has began the cringe but unique idea for selling.

    All i got to say is you have to be either 1 horny mood or a complete preve to think that what Kim and Molly is doing is sexy.

  11. BigWhale says:

    Meh, this didn’t even turn me on. Virtual Sex DVDs were so much better … :>

  12. Jank Hank says:

    Hells yes, it was successful

  13. Sam says:

    You know, this is oddly amusing mostly to see their reactions. The continuous push for buying the items is somewhat annoying and they could do with a wider range of choices besides 3 items per category.

  14. Maaaan,this is(in Jack Black’s words) major CRAPo!lol.Gosh,who invented this?Is it supposed to be serious?!Lol.

  15. Joe says:

    Nothing like making the workday flyby while watching vids online 🙂 Awesome blog by the way..


  16. rafasch says:

    Now that I’m registered, I’m wondering how I can change my avatar .__.

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