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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


‘Sexting’ – Everybody’s Doin’ It!

It all started with catching one titillating glance. Just one peek of the smoking hot brunette’s freshly inked sleeve as she sat down next to you in your Creative Writing class. A week passes and you finally muster up the courage to ask her a question about sentence structure. She replies by writing her number on your palm, saying, “in case you want advice from a cunning linguist.” Result!

You text your new sexy study buddy immediately after class. In a matter of days your fingers are feverishly stroking the keys of your mobile phone, writing about that other thing which is being stroked. You both send naughty pictures back and forth over Spring break, making plans to have mind-blowing sex when you meet again.

Everything is great, except for that one little issue.. you have a girlfriend. Not a problem! Cyber sex isn’t really cheating.. right?

Find out what society thinks with my article here on SuicideGirls!

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  1. Mike says:

    Behavioural psychologists should deal with this rather than politicians. More importantly, Nixie, it’s giving me blue-balls that we can only use Adobe Flash (proprietary software) to see your awesome (?) vids. Since your Linux-based following is probably bigger than most, can something else be done? Perhaps doing the same as DailyMotion and using HTML5 features? Anyhow, best wishes :).

  2. directrix1 says:

    Sexts are fucking good times. 😛

  3. Jank Hank says:

    I suppose it becomes less and less an issue the older one gets. All I do know is that the experiences I have had with this, have been stupendous =D

  4. BigWhale says:

    He who invented the term ‘sexting’ should be beaten with a large, heavy, blunt object. :>

  5. MrShoy says:

    Sexting is a funny thing to do, but you have to remember to who you sexting with, if is a serious person or a complete idiot.
    Most of the times it’s ok 🙂

  6. NeoReloaded says:

    I think its a wast of time. I would rather phone my girl freind & say naughty shit down the phone than text – this way i can here her responce to my naughty personality he he.

    • Kifa says:

      Sometimes text message actually can work better, because it forces the one who’s receiving it to use more imagination, at least I think so. And that does not apply ONLY to ‘sexting’.

      But anyway – for me this would be cheating anyway. Being with someone is not limited (well, at least shouldn’t be) to sex itself, there are other things. Shocking to some for sure. And ‘sexting’ (who invented this term anyway?) could be a sign of… Mistrust? That something is missing in the relationship?

  7. Stonedrunk says:

    I think sexting only becomes and issue when the maturity level isn’t there. That being said, you still have to remember that whatever you send out, you can’t take back.

  8. pioggia_27 says:

    talk about taking it to the next level. is this even healthy or legal in society? buhao.

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