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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


The Sexiest Video Editor Gets an Upgrade!

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know that my favorite open source non-linear video editing program, Kdenlive, has a new version out – 0.7.6!

Here is the list of new features from their official site (

* Title module: rewrite, now allows for basic animation (title zoom & scroll)
* Track rename: users can now rename tracks
* Composite transition: keyframes can now be moved
* Clip management: image and audio clips are automatically monitored and updated in the timeline whenever they change on disk
* User interface cleanup: cleaner look for timeline
* Capture monitor improvements: now shows available disk space & timecode, also allows to choose a name for captured files
* Project management: project settings dialog now allows you to clear the thumbnails cache and delete all videoclips that are not used in the project
* Improved clip markers: they are now displayed in the clip monitor ruler, and user can easily go to each marker from the context menu
* Shutdown computer after rendering

Unfortunately Kdenlive is not available for Windows at this time, but if you follow my video below I will show you how to dual-boot Windows and Linux so you can have the best of both worlds!

If you run on Ubuntu like I do you’ll have to add a third-party source to get the new version, since the packages aren’t in Ubuntu’s official repository, and won’t be for a long time knowing Ubuntu. If you follow the download link there are instructions for doing this though, and it is worth the time!

I have also been contacted by the creator of OpenShot Video Editor, but I haven’t had the chance to try out his program yet. Has anyone else tried it? How does it compare to Kdenlive?

Finding a free video editor that is both stable and feature-rich has been a challenge, but thankfully a few programs like Kdenlive are showing real promise as competitors to the industry kings (Sony Vegas.. ).

Happy Video Editing!


  1. mobiletone says:

    “Finding a free video editor that is both stable and feature-rich has been a challenge”

    that’s why i finally gave up with Ubuntu on my PS3, when it did run it was terrible borked due to a lack of a decent graphics driver. good idea though.

    screenshot proofs of my Ubuntu running.

  2. manny says:

    kdenlive is probably the best for me, but i have to try openshot looks really nice and easy, even if it still very new

  3. joshy says:

    hey Nixie, there was a part where I couldn’t really understand and it was the way to shrink the hard-drive. For my computer, the maximum amount of space I could shrink was approx. 1100mb. And in the video, you said 20gb is standard for Ubuntu. Does it mean that I cannot dual-boot Windows and Linux?

  4. Hello

    I am lalit could you please some details on kernal level on linux

  5. SomeGuyyoudontknow says:

    Hey Nixie:

    I don’t have the facilities to access OpenShot atm, BUT I saw a preview video of its capabilities and it looks almost as promising as Kdenlive. The biggest difference seems to be the authors’ use of GTK/Gnome rather than KDE, and I noticed rather different transition effects. Looks promising!

    ~An observer

  6. edi says:


    Thank you for the tip with Kdenlive. I am a BLENDER user and working with Gnome rather than KDE. Coincidentally I stepped over your youtube channel and found your post.

    Once again thanks and keep up your work!


  7. Dot Misguided says:

    Nixie, thanks for this notice, the new kdenlive version seems to be compatible with the video format AVC/HD 1080p and 1080i.
    Other video editing software with nice reviews is Cinelerra in two versions a community maintained version an the author version.
    Cinelerra was written to be compiled for 64bit linux (i86_64). I have heard that there is a way to install linux i386 with libraries that support programs compiled for i86_64.
    Do you know a way to do this? or should I need to install both versions of linux in order to boot in one o other depending in the task to do.

    I can not install in the write way Open Shot in ubuntu 8.10

    I have a core 2 duo 2GHz 2GB ram notebook with ubuntu 8.10 i386. I can not see correctly videos recorded with my camcorder with an mts format and AVC/HD h264 codec and a sound codec I think is ac3 (not sure).
    If I use ffplay the image track looks right but the sound does not play right, it sounds interrupted. With other players, the opposite happens.

    Do you know what is the problem for this?

    You are my super-geek-woman heroine, I also have a suggestion for a tutorial video to use the chroma-key in your favorite editor, by superposing your image explaining how to do this in a way it is done in the news with a girl pointing a simulation in a map being she.

  8. Dot Misguided says:

    Nixie, I have fixed the problem to see videos well in ubuntu, and surprisingly in also in windows.
    The problem was that the last build of a fundamental software ffmpeg 0.5.1 is more than one year old, as told by the maintainers, one have to download a snapshot from the svn repository, configure, compile and install it copying and pasting the commands in their page. There is a link for a site that automatically does this for a windows cross compilation. It works very good in windows too.

    Another surprise was that the ffmpeg site has a link to the Hall of Shame, in that page there is a list of programs, many of them sold for windows, that use ffmpeg in the background without even mention it, violating the GPL license.

    Now I should be able to use any of the OpenShot, kdenlive, kino, or cinelerra video editors, but I still have the problem that they relay on ffmpeg, and MLT, other program that uses ffmpeg and is used in the background for editing in many video editors.
    So I cant install them correctly, but MLT is more difficult to build so I have not done it successfully yet.

    I love your very easy to follow videos, thanks.

  9. UbiquitousBlake says:

    Hey, Kdenlive is nice but what about PiTiVi? It’s a wonderful editor, and it’s coming standard in Ubuntu 10.04. It’s totally simple and intuitive. I think that the majority of people, who don’t do serious video editing because it might not be their job or passion, will love this program if they’re using Linux. I love your tutorials and share your passion for the BEST overall operating system in the known universe: Linux! Thanks for your time in reading this (should you waste your time in actually reading this)!

  10. jfaust97 says:

    Any idea why when I go to Render the video it only takes 2 seconds and then the output file has no data in it? Other than that seems like a nice application.

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