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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Modern Warfare 2 Bites Sometimes..

This time I bite back!

Don’t get me wrong, I found the campaign to be a deadly combo of stunning, challenging and addictive. However, some parts of the Spec Ops (co-op missions) on veteran difficulty were so painful I can only compare it to a dentist visit.

So, I decided to make a package deal of “How-to-Own” Guide videos as a sort of Novocaine for the gaming brain. This is the first in a series of 4 installments, presenting the Snatch and Grab mission below:

Yes, it is a gaming guide on steroids.
Enjoy! ;D


  1. David says:

    Nice a lot easier compared to what we did… nicely done

  2. MiniMized says:

    I didn’t actually experience this mission as a difficult one (yes, on veteran). juggernauts arent really a problem if you concentrate some heavy fire from both mates on him :3 and using AI-abusing spots… tztz, shame on you :>

    however we didnt beat the “High Explosive” Echo op (without absuing bugs of course). immense C4 & claymores traps seem to work fine, along with flashbangs and RPG-fire to begin with…

    and isn’t it great that there’s some real challenges with theese sepc ops? i mean, if its too hard for someone he can simply lower the difficulty 😛

  3. Dolan AKA \"DOLINATOR!!\" says:

    NICE…..Keep up the fantastic work! Love to watch your Videos!

    The “D”

  4. Diego Beneton says:

    Hey Nixie, I “found” you this week searching for Linux tutorial and just loved you. I’m watching ALL of your youtube videos, they are really funny (it remembered me of Julie Tran, do you like her?). And you are gorgeous! My god! Beatiful, inteligent, funny… and love videogames?!!! Are you real?
    I was playing MW2, but I’m not that hardcore (the game sugested “Novice” for me) and right now I’m ending Uncharted 2, so… but I promise I’ll keep trying…lol
    Anyway, loved to “discover” you. If you can, e-mail me, let’s talk a little more.
    See ya!

  5. Felipe Malta says:

    Those juggernauts are really a pain, aren’t they?

    Great video and strategy, looking forward to the next ones, especially for that mission when there are a gazillion enemies and you have like 30000 points to get…Get ass-kicked all the time there.

    And that one were they drop the “predators” on you, that is annoying, do one on that too!

    Keep up the great work, love ya!

  6. r4 dsi says:

    FINALLY a girl who plays video games! But seriously the tutorial helped a ton. Plus you are one of the first person to play on PC, which is where I play.

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