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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Is Blizzard Cutting Corners?

Dear Blizzard Entertainment,

As gamers, we realize that at this very moment you have millions of people grazing the lands with their Taurens, running their twinks about Stormwind, or roleplaying their dwarven warriors at the local Ironforge pub.. and then some. It’s a proud moment for game developers when doctors claim that nearly 40 percent of the people who play their game are clinically addicted. (Yes, this is true.)

Though World of Warcraft is your baby, you must remember that Starcraft was your first-born child. I believe your pride and joy deserves unique character traits, not mirrored ones of WoW, don’t you?

Striking similarities, don’t you think?

(Not enough evidence? Click here to read the rest of my GeekTyrant article! )


  1. Ken says:

    On one hand, I agree that each game should have its own unique characters. On the other hand, however, I understand why developers reuse character models in their various different titles, considering the amount of time character modeling alone can take in a production pipeline. By reusing models, they can get the games finished a little quicker. Maybe. More importantly, I think it helps establish a common brand identity between games. You can look at the character of one game, see that it is similar to a character in another game, and say “Yeah, that’s a Blizzard character”!

  2. Kifa says:

    First of all – Starcraft is not Blizzard’s firstborn, this goes to none other than Warcraft, especially “Warcraft II – Tides of Darkness” when we are talking about their first widely known and acclaimed game.

    Secondly – making subtle allusions to company’s other games is a trademark of Blizzard. The first example of it is a hidden scene during Warcraft 3 credits when a bunch of zealots fight some terran marines, if my memory serves me correctly. Swann is meant to remind us of dwarves and so is his homeworld of Minehof (which was mentioned even in StarCraft 1 lore), and the dance, well… It’s pretty standard I think. You could as well go to a nightclub and complain that girls out there are copying Dark Elves… 😉

    And no, I am not bashing you, I myself never noticed the dance similarity (I never played WoW, that might be the cause), but it’s definetly not a ‘corner cutting’ practice to have those in SC2. 🙂

  3. Eric says:

    Doesn’t surprise me.. a lot of the same people worked on both games.

    Could you email me your SC2 name/code so I can add you?

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  5. BTW says:

    I’m not sure if you were trolling or what, but the image on the right, that looks like a generic fantasy dwarf of somekind is most certainly NOT a screenshot from the Blizzard game World Of Warcraft.

  6. Timmy Tarantula says:

    Thats a Warhammer Online Dwarf, you fucking stooge.

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