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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


He was MY Drunk Guy!

I know there’s a lot of posting and re-posting things on the interwebs. I’m totally fine with removing things that are blatantly stolen.

However, Youtube has begun to make things personal by removing entire audio tracks and inserting ads where they don’t belong. Not to mention they deleted 30,000 videos recently and flagged thousands of others without warning.

One of those flagged videos, was mine…

The short story:
My friend and I made this video of a poor drunken bastard who decided to stick his penis in the grill of a Bronco truck. Why was he doing it? Beats me.(no pun intended) You’ll have to ask OJ Simpson if you want to know why this vehicle makes people do crazy things.

The long story:

So I got the Youtube slap. Any ideas on who I can slap for this? The alternative is sniveling in a corner and making my drunk guy’s private parts well, private. :no:

  • nick

    so is it, we have become a society where a man can not have some privacy with a stranger car anymore…that is sad.

    Very interesting your story, Thieves video become a plague and you tube/google policy is ” if you are not a corporation or a big advertiser we can screw you how and when we want”.

    BTW many people forget that if upload a video of someone else, must have him/her consent. In this case only that fellow drunk carlover or the bronco truck could ask to remove the video, and they have all the rights

  • I think I just found it…

    Is that the one?

    Friggin hilarious, it’s even got the original music you added too.

    Is that who stole it?