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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Stop Rocking Out with Guitar Hero and Try Jamming to Mozart!

The Wii is all about promoting the use of gargantuan pieces of plastic in whatever form they can make it. People looked at me funny when I was flipping my in-real-life pancakes with the spatula from Cooking Mama. (Hey, it was effective..)

Guitar Hero seemed to have caught on with everyone except me. I have to down copious amounts of the nearest alcoholic beverage to even consider playing it. However, there is a completely new design of plastic pieces currently being developed behind the scenes.. that has me intrigued.

Forget the Wii tennis rackets, fishing pole, and even the light Saber. This is the best invention yet:
Ezgear Violin Saxophone Music Set
The Ezgear Music Pack – Classical / Jazz music at its finest!

Just plug the Sax into your Wii remote and presto, instant Charlie Parker. If you don’t like doing solos, grab the conductors batons and direct all your little classicly trained minions to do your musical bidding! Oh, did we mention the batons also double as drumsticks? Of course they do.

I admittingly have gone to band camp (and no, I didn’t play the flute).. so the idea of achieving realism with devices like this is virtually impossible for me. But for $30 for three instruments, I can now sip fine wine while peacefully playing voilin as opposed to rocking with Rockband while slamming shots of the cheapest liquor because the game and songs robbed every last dime from my piggy bank.

You too can be a fine wine drinker with your very own set from the Ez Gear website.


  1. Marvin says:

    They say the Wii is the “cheapest console”; just look at all the accessories it has out for it…they have SO MANY! Enough to start a plastic toy kid army.

  2. Espen says:

    Wii… oh how tired I am of that piece of junk and the accessories that don’t come with it.

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