Vote on My Vision

Vote on My Vision


Does the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 Also Suck?

Does the Blackberry 2.0 Also Suck?


Remember this?

Game Exclusive! Walmart?!


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My Photoshoot Theme Votes are IN!

UPDATE 9/5/2011 Calculating votes across the board on my website, Facebook, Google + and Youtube.. it looks like I’ll be in a corset and cables for the calendar shoot. I’m pretty excited about this theme actually as I really get to express how technology can ‘tether’ and ‘bind’ us at times.. I’ll announce more about […]

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My Epic Open Source Contest

What’s a Youtuber must-have for their videos? Why, a sweet intro of course! Since my new linux channel is 100% open source, I decided to launch an open source challenge (see below) and the best intro will win a spot before each one of my videos. Let the encoding, compressing and rendering begin! Below is […]

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Halloween Geek Extravaganza in Need of Name

We’ve all seen it, and some of us have even done it. We use any excuse to dress up like our favorite comic book, video game, or sci-fi character. Some of us do this quite successfully.. And others, well, not so successfully. But no matter what level of cosplay/costume skills we have, we still have […]

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Make Your Vote Count for E3 2010

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo rapidly approaching (in less than a week), I decided to crank up the amount of viewer participation here. You know your voice always counts with me.   So, I sifted through all your game requests on my blog Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and more to narrow the list down to sizable poll. […]

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