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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


For Your Favorite Nerdy Tease

Well, I have finally found a way to both express my personality and not go broke doing it. Don’t worry, my newfound ways are not in evil advertising. Why do that when taking off my clothes for money would really bring home the bacon?

(Mmmm. Bacon.)

Okay, so you got me. Now, don’t be like that.. stripping is still semi-relevant to my new t-shirt store I’ve been working really hard on. I have designed all the products you’ll see there along with making some with fun/geeky sayings, slogans and quotes.

As my tshirt making fury progresses, it will be made up of 90% guys shirts.. but everything there is 100 % Grade A Geek and USDA approved!

Today to kick off the site I have a few tees for that tease in your life on Valentine’s day. Whether you need a way to show your admiration for that cool indie chick running Ubuntu on her laptop, or want to profess your love in a hexidecimal poem, I got what ‘choo need!

With Love,

– Nixie

p.s – don’t forget the coupon code: FEB19 to save 14%!


  1. Mike says:

    Nice job Nixie.

    Hope you had fun designing the tees.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I agree with Mike, this sounds like something you had A LOT of fun with. I wish I had some money right now.

  3. Jason says:

    Love the shirts, Nixie!

  4. Espen says:

    Cool, I hope you sell lots and lots of them 🙂

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