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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


My Mom is Technologically Impaired.

…but she sure is hilarious. 😛


  1. eleno says:

    She is pretty funny. I must say though…it’s pretty impressive she can send emails…my mom can’t even do that!!! (she also thinks that 700kbps is good enough)

  2. Kifa says:

    Heheh, my mom only knows how to use her law database program at work and how to find stuff on government websites. Or websites about cats. 😛 Dad, on the other hand, approaches technology as something a bit mystical at times. And he’s an easy prey for all kind of goldmouthed sellers at various electronics and gadget shops – he’ll buy almost anything if it’s looking cool and expensive enough… ; /

  3. Galferus says:

    my mom, is a youtube fan, and can play age of empires for many hours without getting tired of it, and she is almost 60

  4. The_Cat says:

    My mom can handle a computer decently, and a Blackberry expertly, but can’t even figure out how to turn on the TV…

  5. Mr ravchild says:

    nixel i like your content you are really should have been born a mainframe or game console i would like to have your contents on my site tell me what i have to do!

  6. Henrik says:

    That’s … epic.

    More epic than Henrik decapitating a starving wolf which had attached itself to his calf.

    Maybe. 🙂

  7. Jon Jennings says:

    Reminds me of when I spent an extended period of time giving my Dad telephone support for his DSL modem.

    “Is the power cord plugged into the modem?”

    5 minutes later we got to:
    “Is the other end of the power cord plugged into the wall?”

    But it took a lot longer to get to:
    “Are the two ends of the power cord connected in the middle?”
    “Errrr… no”

  8. Hideyshi says:

    Hehe. Not as bad as my parents. When they hear the word Linux, ( or “Lunix” as they like to call it ) they think it is a Russian computer “hack”.

  9. Farmville, farmville, and some more farmville. My mom is getting an Ipad 2 so she can play…..farmville. She has created many fake accounts in facebook so she can play…….farmville. and later she is gonna play farmville……

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