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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


A Gaming Tragedy

So it turns out that gaming really is strenuous exercise. Alright, you won’t get in shape by gaming (unless you’re one of those DDR fanatics that get down to 90 pounds from playing all day every day), and maybe you’re not ever going to look like a character in a game like Tomb Raider from playing the game.

However, you can actually have a gaming-related injury, as my finger/wrist is an example. It may not be as cool as having a real war wound, but I can proudly point to my right brace-covered wrist as being earned in (virtual) battle.

Which means site updates have been a little slow this week and might be for a little bit, only because it is really hard to type without aggravating my injury. I know, sad, isn’t it?

In the meantime I have uploaded a whole ton of pictures from the GDC this year, including a bunch from the Independent Games Festival and the Game Developer’s Choice awards, and some great ones from the Expo floor. You can find them on the link to Flickr below. I hope you enjoy them, and expect a few videos soon, as it is a lot less stressful for me to make a video than it is to type.

As you can see I’ve recently jumped on the Flickr bandwagon! 😛 Double-Click the slideshow to be blasted to my photo page, and check back as there will be more GDC photos everyday!


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