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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Danger, Will Robinson..

I know this is a horrible thing to ask of you guys, but I really need your help…

I have been writing this blog for about four months now. I have really enjoyed some parts of it, but to be honest there are some parts I feel like I sucked royally with, and right now I am feeling burned out. I have considered stopping altogether, but I had hoped to some day make this blog into something great, and so I want to stick this out and do my best to succeed.

Right now my problem is that I’m being as up and down as a whore’s drawers. I mean, I have made a few funny videos, some not-so-funny ones, posted about things unrelated to gaming, hashed out game reviews and game how-tos, written about the latest game news…along with just about anything that has randomly come to me. I’ve decided that it’s freakin’ impossible to continue jotting down just everything like I have in times past. I feel like the red-headed step child of a make-shift journalist.

So I really, really need your help. You guys, the ones who read this blog every day. I know there are at least several hundred of you, which is amazing – thank you all so much! But I really need you to comment/e-mail me today.

What is it that keeps you coming back here? What do I write about, what things do I say, that you find valuable? What things would you like to see in the future?

The way I see it, if I keep going as I have I know that I am going to end up finding something completely different to do, so I have to specialize in something, for my own sanity, and the sake of providing enough value to the people that come here to be able to somehow make a living doing this some day. These are the different options I see:

Writing about my own life – this would basically be my random thoughts about gaming, life, and everything. Interesting to me, but I don’t know if it would be interesting to other people.

Video blogging about life/gaming – as above, but in video rather than typing.

Writing/making video how-tos and game explanations – my how-to about the Xbox Live avatar hair color has been a big hit, as well as the information about Gears of War 2 ranks/chevrons. I could specialize in providing this to people, but I doubt I would have constant readers, more like individuals who are looking for a specific thing and who move on once they find it.

Making (or trying to make) funny videos – I loved making the Gears of War 2 Match Maker video with Dark Natt, and truth be told have a special place in my heart for these (even though that would mean much less effort on the blog itself, and more effort on the videos).

Writing opinion pieces on the gaming industry – writing about the top games for 2009, new gaming hardware, things like consoles vs. PCs…honestly this is some of the most difficult stuff to write about for me.

Becoming an “insider” in the industry – my time at CES led me to meet many interesting people in the games industry, and my goal could be to pass on “insider” info that they allow me to talk about before other people would know about the things I learn.

Or something else?

The reason I need your help is that I feel a responsibility toward you, you are my babies; the people who come and read my blog/watch my shiz. I really want to provide something of value to you, without exploding in a pool of gelatinous lack of worth. It is very important to me for you to provide feedback here, to let me know your thoughts on this. I really want to make into something worth reading/viewing on a regular basis, with the goal of focusing my efforts in mind. So any help you can provide to me is truly appreciated.

I am in your debt for continuing to read and support me, and for taking the time to read and respond to this. Thank you so very much.

~ Nixie

p.s – U make my heart go boom!


  1. Marvin says:

    My brain shall churn away for an answer…

  2. FirstFist says:

    This is a bit of a hard question. I enjoyed the recent blogs about your trip to CES, no doubt, so what catergory would that belong to? Is it in the “Writing About My Life” or in the “Becoming an Insider”? Then again your collaborative effort, waiting in que video was a good watch. I could see more of that kind of stuff.

    The problem I am faced with in answering your inquirey is that part of what I truely enjoy about your blog has been the utter randomness of it all.

    When I see that a new post is…posted, I never know what its contents will be. Do I get to read a humorous dity on gaming, or am I going to get to watch a shrot light hearted video.

    I realise what I am saying is exactly the answer it seems you arn’t looking for, but I don’t really know what other answer to give. Mabey you just need a little break. A day or two to reflect, a massage, a stiff drink, and a bit of time to ponder what YOU think is important to be included.

    I was originally drawn to this site through gaming, and whatever face it ends up taking I hope it stays on track with that purpose.

  3. Torch says:

    Do what you enjoy! That way, you won’t get burned out, and also the joy will literally shine through your words. Don’t worry about it “not being interesting” to others; I know you really enjoy feedback, and whatever prompts the most feedback will be both what you and everyone else wants to write/read.

    You have amazing writing skilz (heh), couple that with the passion you have for games and other things, that’s all you need to focus on… some people may fall into the trap of writing boring things about themselves (I fear that for myself, which is why I’m re-thinking how I am starting my own blog), but I don’t think you’ll ever have that problem.

    And, let me echo FirstFist: Randomness==Good! (Embrace the Chaos!) Anyone who wants to see just one category or another… well, that’s what categories are for, yes?

    I so understand the feeling… really, just focus on what you enjoy… let the ‘writing’ part be the work, devote the content to your passion!

  4. loyalkng says:

    You should a combination of what you listed. More video blogging like “the top 5 reason Xbox live sucks” and more comedic videos like the match maker! And Every once in a while you should blog about something that is worth blogging, either it be about you or anything that you can put a unique spin on and create something fresh. No doubt this is pretty difficult… but it usually is in the beginning. If you wanted to only do one thing with this blog then maybe doing vlogs and comedic videos would be better, since your a girl and all, you should use that to your advantage :P. Just real talk.

  5. JAC says:

    We definitely need more pics of you in skin tight T -shirts etc. And I suppose more Match Maker videos with Dark Natt. That was classic!

  6. Lynn says:

    My advice is don’t write for other people; write for yourself. If you stress about traffic and whatnot, you’ll lose interest very quickly. You have to be able to enjoy what you do, even if no one ever sees it.

  7. Stonedrunk says:

    From what I’ve seen and read personally, you have talent. Your writing is entertaining and often insightful. In your videos you show a lot of personality and charisma, and you certainly don’t have to hide from the camera. If your looking to shift the focus either to video or text I think it’s a question of what kind of audience your looking to reach. Having the blog mostly video is going to reach a much more mainstream crowd. *Sigh* Some ppl still don’t like to read. I’d like to echo some of the above comments though. There really is nothing wrong with variety, and I think you’d be successful with either style.

    I’d hope you’d keep your content focus on gaming. That and most of the techie stuff. Which just naturally fit together. It really seems to be what you enjoy and so much a part of the identity you’ve created here. Ultimately whatever you feel most comfortable with and enjoy doing is what you should choose.

  8. Marvin says:

    Have to agree with Lynn; can’t argue with that.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I come here for the randomness with a gaming overtone myself. I think if it got too specific, I would find myself going else where.
    I don’t think this blog is broke, so I don’t think it needs to be fixed. However, I do agree with Lynn in that you should definitely go with what works for you and to hell with what I think.

  10. Gazz says:

    I have to agree with pretty much everyone else on this, Random posts=Happy Gazz. I started reading from a gaming viewpoint, but stayed for the writing, the humour and the unique insight you have.

  11. MASK13 says:

    Well, I like this just the way it is. I think you should just keep doing everything the way you are.

  12. an old Iowan says:


    As a person from Iowa, I can understand your frustration. It must be confusing to start off in a militaristic and Communist Russia. Growing up in fear poverty and a gun toting society then being transported to a kind gentle peaceful, gun toting Iowa farm belt has to be a shock for a young mind. He do have several things going for you. You are a star child, you have a lot of natural talent, including perfect pitch, an amazing memory, the ability to comprehend vast amounts of knowledge,and the incredible gift of the art of conversation. With all of that you chose to move to California and live in an unstable west coast society. The redeeming quality is that you have a well structured family unit to live within. You ask, how do I know this. It’s because I’m an old Iowan and have great intuitive powers and a line of BS from a stay at the University of Northern Iowa in several years cleaning cow barns. Many years in corporate America and help with this. It’s like postgraduate school of BS and helped hone the fine art of conversation.

    In closing, use your God-given talents seek out your true blog followers and give them what they want.

    Best regards, the old guy.

  13. JB says:

    Hmm, well I don’t know if this comes across as sexist or whatever but that’s not how I mean it! You’re a gorgeous girl who likes video games and spends a lot of time talking about them. I think that’s very unique, and so intriguing.

  14. PBJ says:

    I look at this and maybe I feel the way all the others do the randomness is the best of it all, but what it comes down to is what is it that works for you. Nixie there is a gift you have but, your the one who has to find we as your “babies” can’t tell you this gift because we all see it differently.
    In Darkness My Heart Was Won….

  15. krAzykrAkr01 says:

    Linux. Linux. Linux. There is NOTHING sexier than a hot chick that knows Linux.

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