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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Today's Live Broadcast Results in Unboxing Fail

Known issues:

  • Had to switch to Blogtv to cohost
  • Sound Being AWFULLY out of Sync
  • Shyness
  • Horrible advertisements!
  • Thanks for dealing tuning in with the live show, if you missed it here was some of the highlights of my unboxing fail! Don’t worry, the most interesting things were undoubtedly not recorded here! :crazy:

    Warning: Skip ahead a minute for the first video, the audio sync sucks too terribly to watch. *pouty face*

    Unboxing Fail Pt. 1Broadcast your self LIVE

    Part 2.. (yes, it get’s better! ha)

    Unboxing Fail Pt 2.Broadcast your self LIVE


    1. Anonymous says:

      It was nice hour, but I like Ustream !
      hope to see you soon 😉

    2. Ram says:

      Fucking shit, I forgot… Maybe next time I’ll remember. Oh and btw we’re not all UK!

      BE/FIN over’n out.

    3. Anonymous says:

      I like it. It was a good show 🙂
      Plus how is it ever bad to see such a gorgeous sexy and brilliant lady as you

      hey did you see my email what did you think of my art? 😀


    4. wow ether its the way it recorded or what on blogtv but it is so out of sync = oh well i looked like an idiot anyways =P

    5. Anonymous says:

      Sadly there’s something seriously wrong with the internet connection in the house I live in… hopefully it will be fixed by the next Live Event 🙂

    6. Anonymous says:

      When is the next live event?hehe i kinda mist this one-XD

    7. xboxmodder02 says:

      oh no you have a wii what a pile of crap that machine is. i mean its supposed to be a games console not a piece of medical / hfitness equiptment ffs. nintendo have totally lost the plot now

    8. Jonn DeMain says:

      I am hurt Nixie I asked you long ago what it was that your name means and you have still yet to tell me this answer. Anyway the Videos as always are a blast even if I don’t have all the toys you have I still enjoy watching them. Be well hope all is well there for you. Watch you soon. 🙂

    9. mulenmar says:

      “Bbbhrrrrr….PHROOSH!” Rofl!

      @Jonn DeMain: I believe the origin of Nixie’s name is the Nixie Tube. I think she explained it once.

      @Neek: If it would make you feel more comfortable, you could bring in your dog too!

      @Nixie: You and your site’s awesomeness only increments postively! 8~P Keep up the great work! 8~)

      And if anyone wants to know where my name came from, it came from the nerdiest thing in the entire multiverse: my own brain! 8~P

    10. @mulenmar my dog can’t come upstairs, she is blind =

    11. mulenmar says:

      @Neek: Oh, poor puppy. 8~( Friend of mine has a cat that’s the same way. Skittish thing, until it knows your smell…then it won’t let you stop petting it. 8~S

      Anyway, you don’t have to be scared of us, we won’t bite. 8~J And if any of us do, it won’t be a megabite lol. And if you get nervous, whatever you do, *don’t* think of a kitten in Spartan armor. X~D

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