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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


The 10 Best Bangs for your Buck when Buying for a Girl Gamer

Though you may want to rush out and snag your nerdy girl a life-sized cardboard poster of Princess Leia.. Move along! It may not be the droid she is looking for. Here are 10 estrogen-inspired gifts that will be sure to put a big dorky grin on her face this holiday season. These gifts make perfect last-minute stocking stuffers for the gifting-challenged.

And the best thing:
For what these items lack in price (all under $25) they make up for in splendor!

First things first:
Which geeky girl sub-type are you targeting?

The Gamer Chick
She came, she gamed, she conquered.
And no, she will not fix your computer. That is, unless you show her that you appreciate how she works her way around a joystick.

The Nerdy Girl
She is sporting 2d20s, and yes, they’re natural. From Star Wars to Stargate, she would be happy to decorate her house/car/animals with any geeky thing you can give her.

10. Mouse-Mouse “Imposter!” Tee

Best for:Gamer Chick

Her love for cuddly animals is not surpassed by her love for her middle mouse button. Which one reigns supreme?

9. Circuit Board Necklace

Best for:Gamer Chick

This way she can promote recycling and technology at the same time!

8. Giant Plush Microbes

Best for:Nerdy Girl

Nothing says you care more than infecting her with a communicable disease. This little guy is mononucleosis; the kissing disease. Not ready to go in for the.. kill, so soon? There are 20 + other infectious plushies to choose from!

7. Lightwedge for Readers

Best for:Nerdy Girl

Give her the gift of glow in any situation. Now she can read her favorite books absolutely anywhere. Reading “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” in her closet, and “Harry Potter” on the pot has never been more feasible.

6. Fuze Necklace

Best for:Both

The pictures just can’t do these gems justice. These LED embedded crystals have been raved about far and wide, with a price tag less than you might think.

5. “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” T-shirt

Best for:Gamer Chick

Wendy stole this concept from the Lost Boys and then sold it to Nintendo so that we may reap the benefits!

4. You can has magnetz!

Best for:Gamer Chick

Let her show off her LOLcats collection with her very own set of LOLspeek fridge magnets.

3. “Pi – Be Rational” Tee

Best for:Nerdy Girl

For the math nerd in her.. (no pun intended!) ‘Cause remember, without order, there is only chaos…

2. USB Powered Robot Owl

Best for:Gamer Chick

These are the most adorable things in in all the land. Their eyes blink, their heads turn, they come with a clip to affix to her monitor or laptop! It’s not like the annoying Furby variety – you can switch between “Active”, “Mellow” or “Sleep” mode, while still maintaining 100% cuteness. One word: Squee!

1. LED Flashing Sweetheart Kit

Best for:Both!

The true labor of love. Solder the circuits as you make her heart melt. This kit allows you to make your own LED heart for your sweetheart.

Congrats on leveling up your skill in “Geeky Girl Know-How;” you gain 368 xp and have unlocked the “Charm Female” feat!
Check out some of my nerdy t-shirts here that won’t break the bank.


  1. Marvin says:

    I haven’t seen a lot of these things; great list, I enjoyed it.
    So, which one do I get you? =P

  2. Mailer Daemon says:

    Hey, its Daemon. I’m a Gamespot mod, and found the link to your site. You look like a cool person…maybe we should talk sometime? Message me on Gamespot…Mailer Daemon. 🙂

  3. Torch says:

    Yep, I love my little mononukie… I’ve never enjoyed a disease so much!

    And, all the other gifts are great too, and some even for us in the ‘estrogen-challenged’ camp! ThinkGeek has so much cool stuff, I followed the link and found many other things I think would be perfect…

  4. IDemonstalkerXI says:

    I like # 10 my lady would love that 1. Awesome list that LED necklace looks interesting too.

  5. Lynn says:

    I want one of those owls!

  6. Espen says:

    Cool, sadly I have no use for this list… not yet anyways 😛

    I could actually make that heart at work… mental note to self: start hoarding resistors and red LEDs.

  7. bpx says:

    Pure and utter genius, definitely on par with the usb ‘key to my heart’ a mate of mine bought for his missus.

    The girl has an awesome eye 😉

  8. Lennie says:

    The LED heart sounds even more appropriate for valentine’s day.

  9. jayk1993 says:

    awsome things
    the pi-be rational shirt is kicking ass

  10. jenn says:

    i got a pair of earrings from this shop and they rock. although i’m wish my boyfriend had seen this list. i want one of those owls.

  11. Jeff Smith says:


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    Alright alright maybe not God. that might be going to far. LOL…

    Anyways I’am a fallow gamer and linux dabbler.I Wanted to say Great site!! love the videos!

  12. VertexOwner says:

    well very nice website and desyn its is seriously awsome
    oh and you have steam lets me add you i need of your help with a linux server !

  13. gab says:

    thanx for grub lesson on youtube

  14. gamegod says:

    can i buy that for u?

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