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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Truth in Advertising?

With all these exciting changes taking place (some to be launched in the very near future) I have had even more time to linger in my good ol’ computer room and watch videos. I have always loved the Mac and PC commercials, here’s an example:

Upon further exploration I found that there are even more extreme measures of conveying the side of choice in the whole Windows/Apple senario.

Even Linux is getting into the mix, if not only in jest.

Which begs the question, which side are you on?


  1. D4N says:

    Well, Ubuntu 9.10 is releasing today 😉

    BTW Novel’s adds are nice:

  2. mobiletone says:

    two words: “Karmic Koala”

    do we get a NP video?

  3. Jason (B) says:

    — OT —

    Hi fake geek … if you installed Grub2 , you should install also the os-prober package and then update grub : if you are lucky you will find the “adolf ballmer” creature again in the Grub 2 menu.

    sudo apt-get install os-prober
    sudo os-prober
    sudo update-grub

  4. ac says:

    SUSE FTW, Ubuntu not bad either

  5. I’m a PC fan, but we obviously need both.

    I mean take a look at one of the macs primary selling points that comes up time and time again “macs can’t get viruses” yet plenty of people such as myself have used their PC for years without even needing anti-virus software because we’re not idiots who download viruses.

    Not everyone is smart enough to run a machine as diverse and powerful as a PC, so we need macs for these people.

    It’s kinda like monopoloy, a diverse game with lots of small parts that children can choke on, so we invent safe toys for kids like tonka toys.

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