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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Because You're so Sweet..

Your kindness, positive comments and ratings overwhelms me. It is because of this that I made “Thank You” video/prize giveaway..

(Don’t worry, it is playing in high quality)
EDIT: Your comments below are on an whole other level of cool.. I shall have a separate prize list for my blog commenter..reres. ;D

Contest rules is as follows:

  • When I blow out the candle, there will be 3 sound clips of some of my favorite video games.
  • (This is NOT a guessing game, but guess them if you wish!)

  • Write in the comments section YOUR favorite video game quote.
  • OR..

  • Make a video response with your own favorite clip from a video game.
  • (could be without sound or with, doesn’t matter)

*~ Prizes ~*

  • Second prize goes to the person with my favorite TEXT comment video game quote.
  • Grand prize goes to my favorite VIDEO response game clip!
  • Technology up for grabs:

    As you know, I have LOTS of USB drives, I also have limited edition posters, video games, MMO trials, artwork, cable modems (for wireless), and lots of other fun things!
    If you don’t know where the clips are from here’s a..

    BONUS BLOG READER CLUE: They are all in the ‘adventure’ genre.

    Will announce the winners in two weeks!

    Again, thanks for reading, watching and listening.. and most importantly, being you! :>