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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Video Quickies from Linuxhaxor

Hi guys, I thought I would post the videos that I have been making for Linuxhaxor for the past few weeks. My Linuxhaxor Quickie segment has been pretty popular so far.. click the arrows on the side to browse the playlist and hope you enjoy! ;D


  1. Golu says:

    Codecs problem sucks right now, Many new users just don’t use ubuntu cause of media playback.

    Most of my friends don’t have internet, So I have to download deb package, and give to them.

    I hope, We will have this problem solve soon.

  2. Renan says:

    Great, now need “How to install softwares in ubuntu” 🙂

  3. Golu said: Codecs problem sucks right now, Many new users just don’t use ubuntu cause of media playback.

    Codecs suck everyone. I find Linux to be the best bet for playback (not conversion!). I have WMVs that play out of the box on Ubuntu but not Windows. Go figure.

  4. Celticbhoy says:

    If you want codec by default use Mint Linux based on Ubuntu.

  5. Carl Godfrey says:

    Great job on the videos. I’d feel good about referring any newbies to them to help them get comfortable with ther new OS. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  6. Conrado says:

    excellent blog! good job

  7. Andrew says:

    Thanks for posting this! I’ve had a problem with Windows taking over my dual-boot box, and now I know what to do about it!

    I’ll try it and let you know if it works.

    Thanks again,

  8. paul says:

    good vids. i like you.

  9. defmer says:

    nice tut’s

  10. Tvinky says:

    Instead of closing terminal each time before new command, just type: clear

    In Bubuntu (Ubuntu :D) you have great GUI utility Places -> Search for files with advanced options etc…

  11. peter says:

    See this project, if you like easy convert videos FLV to AVI whit LINUX.


  12. Anonymous says:

    LoL i have been looking for something like this for hours and now you tell me how to do it in less then 3 mins lol FmL! Could you point me to the must have software for ubuntu or a pack of some kind…..just installed it today!?!

  13. jorechp says:

    Excelent Blog, im very impresed with ur blog is very nice ..

  14. hiexpo says:

    great tut’s

  15. Scrumm says:

    Not is Linux, is GNU with linux. is a recursive acronym for “GNU’s not Unix!”

  16. ColeNi says:

    Hey there, great tutorials, easy to follow and made for the latest distribution! I was just wondering if there’s any possibility of a tutorial on how to have different desktop backgrounds on each of your workspaces?

  17. bish0p says:

    i just came across your vids on youtube for the first time last night, my girlfriend and i are new to linux (ubuntu and dream linux) and we both love your site. YOU’RE AWESOME! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! BTW, what menu effects do you use and where can i find them at?

  18. Creedence says:

    Nice to find your site. Will be dl Linux Ubuntu this weekend thanks to your tutorial. Will have to dual boot for I am a gamer and most games do not run on Linux unless you can assist.

    Added on steam.


  19. Fabio says:

    She know the most sexy way to say “Open Source”!! Awesome video, awesome work!
    Thanks a lot

  20. david says:

    excelente pagina, me ayudo mucho!
    sorprendido de tu belleza!

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