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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


VIDEO : The World’s Most Unlucky Girl

I’m so unlucky, if I was re-incarnated I’d come back as myself. A good friend told me that I must have broken a mirror while walking under a ladder trying to escape a black cat. On the plus side, I will be making more videos soon! Yes, Linux and Game oriented ones.. just for you! :mrgreen:

In the meantime, do sit back and watch the toils and trouble of the World’s Most Unlucky Girl.


  1. Help Desk Zombie says:

    Glad to hear your dad is doing better and getting help. Good luck and best wishes.

    Good news (as requested):
    -The game I have been working on is almost done.
    -I made the full jump to Linux (Mandriva).
    -I am soon moving out of NYC πŸ™‚

    If you are watching Martial Arts movies check out SPL (I think the US title is called Kill Zone). Pretty good movie. Actually anything with Donnie Yen is worth watching.


  2. Great news that your dad is starting his recovery.
    Believe it or not but my dad is waiting for an opposite surgery. He suffers from erratic hart motion. They are going to damage is hart in several places to stop the spasm attacks in his hart that he is experiencing random for a couple of years now. They will also enter through a blood vessel in his crouch area. Kinda like that snake-plumming cam thingy.

    Gotta love medical science πŸ˜‰

  3. Hey girlie love to see you on camera πŸ™‚
    WIsh i could be there to help, you know you are welcomed here πŸ˜€

    Just think about this principle of the yin-yang there is good with the bad but sometimes alot of bad things equal up to one really big good thing if you don’t give up.

    Also just know E3 is coming up. Are you also going to defcon? I might be going with a friend if you want to tag along with us πŸ˜€


    just know i am there for ya

  4. Diego Beneton says:

    Hey Nixie! It’s good to know that your father is better now. Don’t be desperated by this ugly month you’re having, when you least expect good things will be happening again!
    I just love your youtube channel, your comments on game and technology, the linux stuff you teach (not linux user yet πŸ™‚ ). Since your watching fighting movies I recomend Fight Club, all Bruce Lee’s movies and “Ip man” (this one is about the Bruce’s master!). Waiting for your Heavy Rain review!
    See ya!

  5. NeoReloaded says:

    Hey Nixie, sounds like lifes been hard doll. Things will get better darlin & im glad your dad will be ok. My dad had 2 heart attacks & had the balloon to widen one of his heart valves – SCARY SHIT! but he has been great for 10 years later just eating the right food so dont worry to much. I have also had crap luck this week & it feels as if life is gunning 4 u – but the week after changes back to normal all to quickly.

    Im glad you like martial arts movies – i was inspired by blood sport 16 years ago and i have been training ever since. Martial arts/kickboxing/tae-kwon-do/weapons training has become a big part of who i am & its made me a better person – maybe you should start learning martial arts also?

    Take care.


  6. Kifa says:

    It’s good to hear that your dad is getting better. Still a lot of treatment ahead of him but I’m absolutely sure that it will all go well. My grandma had three strokes and she recovered, more or less, so I think your dad will do fine.

    I’ve read the caption about your PC dying, that’s unfourtunate. What happened? Those machines – they always seem to fail when you need them most. As for the car – I know what you feel. About a month ago I literally ripped off the whole exhaust because of enormous hole in the road (technically it was on the police parking lot – don’t ask). Got it fixed, and the very same day I took the car from the mechanic I’ve bent my rear bumper while trying to enter my garage backwards… Guess I’m not a very good driver.

    As for the martial arts movies – not a big fan of them, but there are some good ones, especially those made in the 80’s – they have that classic feel that has never been given justice in modern productions. And I agree with NeoReloaded – you could try practicing some martial art or another. It shouldn’t hurt much. πŸ˜‰

    • NeoReloaded says:

      “they have that classic feel that has never been given justice in modern productions” – that is 2 true my freind. Do you remember old Van Damme movies like ‘double impact’ or ‘No retreat No surrender’? they were cool but now the sound effects sound like the old double dragon video games he he…

      • Kifa says:

        Yeah, those were just natural, if not a bit naive and just plain silly at times. The main character had always some reason to engage in those fights and it was easy to sympathise with him. All this semi-philosophical talk in newer productions just makes them hard to understand, and that is not what we expect from a martial-arts movie, is it?

        • NeoReloaded says:

          Your right about the new martial arts movies having to much semi-philosophical talk , this also goes for most movies relased today. It seems modern movies have alot to live up to & this can lead to over bloated story lines and less action. I have recently taken well to jet lee movies like Kiss Of The Dragon amongst a few others.

          Have you tried any martial arts yourself?

          • Kifa says:

            That would be negative. It’s partly because of lack of time, partly because I’m just lazy ass myself, but well – I might try it one day. My friend practices Krav Maga and she has a lot of fun with it, even when she comes all beaten up from the trainings, he he he.

            As for the movies (to end the topic) – we also have the opposite, like “Avatar”. No story, no logic, 100% tech works.

            And who else thinks we need some kind of little forum here? We wouldn’t be spamming the comments like that then… πŸ˜›

  7. NeoReloaded says:

    Spamming sometimes brings good luck he he.. I am a web programmer and designer, so if there is needed help with adding a forum i would create it free of charge. I mostly create shopping sites and content management systems for small busines but i would be happy to add a forum free of charge. This is just SPAM-tastic πŸ™‚

  8. erischaot says:

    Hi Nixie, I am so unhappy ‘coz I can’t watch your video “The World’s Most Unlucky Girl”. It’s forbidden to watch it in Denmark, France, Germany.. maybe whole EU did not try all proxies and I don’t have one in the US :'(

    Could you make a video for all the people explaining how to circumvent that annoying “this video is not available in your country” thing? would love that! \(^_^)/

    You’re my favourite nerd, well, female nerd. my fav is Sheldon πŸ˜›

  9. MystiqueMax says:

    Somethings weird with this video. Youtube sais it’s not available in my country (Germany). I had to connect to a VPN-Server in Chicago first before watching it. Perhaps you can reupload it or fix it in some way, Nixie.

  10. directrix1 says:

    LOL. You think you’re unlucky. Try being the middle child born on October 13th. Also, my whole last month has been pretty devastating as well. If you are like me though… you’ll find a way to look past the shit that life throws in your face repeatedly. The last person I cared for once told me: keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. I guess that’s because looking at the sun makes you blind, and then you won’t see all the bad shit happening to you anymore =) . Ignorance is bliss, right?

  11. Chris says:

    Hey HDZ,
    I have tried that what you have described above several times before – it does not work (in Germany).
    The only way to see this video is to use a pure proxyserver (I found one in finland); not those that embed the website – they will not work.


    PS: this is the 3rd time trieing to post in here – is there something like an IP-Filter running? Like youtube? ;p

    • Nixie says:

      I really appreciate you guys letting me know about this.
      It seems like this issue has come about just recently on YouTube. I will post a video about how to get a US proxy as soon as possible and put it up on the site.

      Thanks for being patient! =)

  12. NeoReloaded says:

    Here is a link to US proxy servers:

    If u donty no how to use a proxy server then check out this link:

    You can hack this way also if you no what your doing.

    Hope this helps.

  13. Stonedrunk says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve been having a streak of bad luck, but hey the storm is usually followed by a rainbow. It can only get better.

  14. NeoReloaded says:

    Is there some reason why my last comment was ‘awaiting moderation’? I simply posted a couple of links to US proxy servers & instruction url on how to use them.

    • Chris says:

      I suppose URLs and IPs are getting filtered here and so your posting reaches the status ‘tainted’. I tried making a post containing the IP of a proxyserver in Finland 2 times before, and what happend? Guess … πŸ˜‰

      • NeoReloaded says:

        Well thats a bit weird πŸ™ I mean whats the point in even posting anythink if the users are not trusted enough to post links.

        • directrix1 says:

          It’s not a matter of user trust. It’s a matter of spam prevention. Popular blogging software like WordPress can be used by spam bots to create accounts and post links to random crap.

          • Chris says:

            Yes, basically you’re absolutely right. But by using other sorts of automated spam-prevention techniques like captchas it could be a lot more user friendly – instead of simple (and uncommented!) content filtering.

            On the other hand it would be helpful to get a short message, when the posting was getting filtered…

            But in the end, it is is what it is – just a simple and cheap solution: wordpress.. πŸ˜‰


  15. NeoReloaded says:

    The problem is when the content gets filtered it says that the post is awaiting moderation – well if someone moderates it it would either become a visible post to other members or be deleted. That was my point by saying whats the point in posting.

    As a programmer myself i am aware its not that hard to alter a few options using word press.

    I dont really like word press, mainly due to spam bots. A few php/sql functions you don’t need word press at all.

    Oh well each to there own i guess πŸ™‚

  16. MarcoBarbosa says:

    Nice. Or not nice.

    But nice to see you back ^^

    You’re videos are fun πŸ˜€

    Hope all is well with you now.

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