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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


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My Warby Parker frames came in! Vote below on which glasses you like best and I’ll order the ones you chose the most:



  1. Are you short sighted or long sighted?

  2. Achim says:

    I’m sorry, I like none of the glasses

  3. dkamouflage says:

    Ah, the Joy of Specs. ^_^

    I like #3, personally.

  4. b3rn475 says:

    N° 3 Great
    N° 1 OK
    N°s 2,4,5 Bad Teacher

  5. bloguelinux ca says:

    Numéro 3
    Très jolie

  6. I get the impression that you favor number 3 anyways. Number 1 gives you a mischievous allure or that that is just the look on your face at that moment. Number 2 is too nerdy. Number 3 kinda strikes the right balance between intellectual and nerdy. 🙂 Number 4 kind of reminds me of Clark Kent’s. Number 5 is kind of a rocker/movie star on the red carpet look.

  7. Peter Lautner says:

    Hello Nixie,

    Forget the No.2 and forget the No.5 please.
    No.1 is pretty but the best is No.4 because it has the most useful format.

  8. jake azul says:

    Glass five is cool on you.

  9. will says:

    3 all the way, sexy like border-radius in css3, they compliment the shape of your eyes.

  10. masskonfuzion says:

    The real important question here is… Nixie, where have you been for the last year???

  11. chrishullabaloo says:

    lens… is it possible?

  12. facialmastr says:

    When can we vote on tops for you to wear on your shows??

  13. Craig says:

    They’re all ironic hipster rims.

  14. commissar says:

    I personally dislike plastic frames. break too easily. I’ve abused my metal frames pretty well, and they hold up. my current frames are titanium, which is more flexible than the aluminum. fits better, and won’t break if you drop them and step on em, or something…

  15. Bill Gow says:

    How could it possibly matter? I’ve watched 4 of your videos this morning. I have no idea what you’re talking about but I love to watch you!

  16. Dan Jurden says:

    marry me …. jkjk

  17. Chris. says:

    Really beautiful with all of them but the third pair looks great on you. By the way, it’s funny to hear you speaking french (CGD 2013). Kisses from France.

  18. Joe Jordan says:

    Number 1 really brings out your eyes nicely. I still think you should consider an old fashion set of Aviators!

  19. alejandro says:

    I have to choose 🙁 all wow you look hard decision but takes it

  20. ffcode says:

    shouldn’t you be selecting what is more comfortable? after all you are a geek, and performance must the priority over design asthetics

  21. John B says:

    Numer 3 is hot! 😉

  22. Bruce Blacklaws says:

    go for contact lenses girl!

  23. Juan Q says:

    I vote 4 just for one reason, you have the most beautiful eyes, and I cant see them, but you looks great with and without glasses 🙂

  24. Number 3 makes you look even smarter. Damn… must… resist… testosterone…: you’re gorgeous Nixie! Thanks for making me feel better after a crappy week…. Going back to my non-testosterone boring self now 🙂 Greetings, and thanks for the fantastic videos.

  25. Number 3 makes you look even smarter.

  26. Patrick says:

    It really does not matter what we think. It’s your face and you should choose what you think looks best.

  27. Trinath Rao says:

    You look beautiful without specs…Better try contact lens…or try different frame…:) As the matter of ranking….#4 #3 #5 #1 #2 …

  28. Zaf says:

    You surely do like the #3, don’t you? But anyway, on the first look, they all seem quite fine but.. take a longer look, just a tiny bit longer.. aaand you’ll see that they are making your nose look kinda prominent. But if this is your last decision, go for the #3.

  29. Xander O says:

    No.2 fits the shape of your face and screams computer science major!

  30. Jonny Cantao says:

    não muda muita coisa tanto faz

  31. Ashwij says:

    Hi Nixie,

    I am a non geek Linux user for a long time… As in.. I use it.. Dont develop it. I love it for the beauty and the speed it brings even to the most mundane low config netbooks.

    I have been using Mint since Mint 12 released, and I absolutely love it. Until recently, I found out they will not be doing a mint phone version. Now, I have always had a problem with Mint not allowing direct upgrades to the versions through their software center and openly voiced it in their community website. They not going after the touch version turned me to Ubuntu.. But then…

    I saw all the changes in Ubuntu with the Amazon thing.. (Thats also how I stumbled upon your youtube channel and liked it) Ubuntu was going Android !!!

    Heres what I did. I installed Ubuntu Raring and uninstalled all aspects of the Amazon stuff as well as Unity and installed my favourite Cinnamon amd Nemo on it. Now I have a Ubuntu looking like a Mint without the Amazon bloatware and hidden tracing as well as without the update disability of Mint.

    What do you say? I would request you to do a small video on Cinnarch or Antergos as its called now for I feel it is best of all. But would like your expert opinion to see if I would be in for any nasty surprises.

    Also request you to let me know how the Ubuntu touch would behave on my Mediatek MT6589 chipset based phone if possible.
    Please so the video.


  32. canoodle says:


    book two weeks of holidays in istanbul.

    and get your eyes lasered on the last 3 days.

    it was crazy doing this on class trip but hey! IT WORKED! SO GLAD! REBIRTH!

  33. Stan Parker says:

    a dab ‘L’ da ya missy mmm

  34. spagett says:

    note of em suits you. find some lighter ones without frame on glass, and metal in stead of plastic

  35. Zuppkko says:

    Vitamins ADE are necessary for good eye health (among 1000 of other functions). There are also great eye workouts to improve eye muscles and hydration. Quick INTRO:

    Wish you fun!

  36. Western Sudan (غرب السودان) says:

    here’s the biggest linux fan from Africa deserve like ?

  37. nonsuper-user says:

    3 and 4 look the best. they match the curves of your face very well. Eg. the top of your cheek.

  38. Philippos Papadatos says:

    because no 3 is bigger suggests to vote that pic :p

  39. snow says:

    Haha ! I work in an optical store and i am cutting lenses for any type of frames.I can tell you that no 4 fits you better, but it’s not the best frame for you 😀

    Btw, my cutting machine is using linux :D.

  40. robert wilber says:

    I think your the Coolest G33ky Girl !!! Creativeness is in your genes I think.

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