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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Warning Labels on Video Games?

That’s right, just when you think the ESRB ratings on games couldn’t be any more anal-retentive. “Video Games Cause Aggressive Behavior.” This statement and more may end up on your game cases soon if one Congressman has his way.

What do you think of this bill?
Learn even more about the proposed Video Game Health Labeling Act from this GamePolitics article.

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  1. Nixie says:

    Yes, I realize I totally spaced out and forgot to most this from last week’s WTF Wednesday. Sorry! *slinks away*

  2. John Chorley says:

    Honestly I think it is stupid. Incidents of violence from video games are too rare in the UK to even warrent a warning label. I can onyl think of the one incident here in the UK where a man killed people based on the technquies in the game “Manhunt”.

    Putting those labels on is a waste of time and money.

  3. freax says:

    Warning, watching Nixie on her blog can cause seizure et high blood pressure ?

    Just kidding, I hope this will not come in France, and gamers have good lobbies in US !

  4. Nicklas says:

    I think that guy is just stupid. I mean I don´t live int the states so i won´t se the sticker on it if it dose happen… i think…
    but anyway I thing yes maby some people with unstable minds can be influenced
    but i have playd violent videogames all my allnost 30 year old life and i have never hit a persone ore gone postal.
    and i have Realy had a lot of reasens 🙂

    so i think it´s silly and stupid.

    by the way i an having the same problem as you Nixie
    My computers are starting an uprice and starting to revolt aganst me.. nothing seams to work.. nothing that hasto anyway.. even with linux ubunto 10.10 is starting to screw me over…
    hard times hard times….

    take care.

  5. Nicklas says:

    i think my toster is planing something sinister against me…

  6. Claudio says:

    This is just stupid, as is most of these “warning” signs. Honestly, should they put “warning” signs on shoe boxes: walking around the streets might get you killed. Or “warning” signs on pans: boiling water might get you injured! – Oh come on. I’m glad I’m not in the US, at times ^^


  7. DasJepix says:

    Well good luck getting parents to buy games in stores when there’s a “OMG BAD 4 YOU” stcker…

    No seriously now, I think this is a REALLY bad idea, but I base this mostly on the passive effects of messages. Wont directly saying “gaming is linked with aggression” subconsciously give the violent gamers some kind of nod, like saying “It’s ok, you’ve been playing gamez, it’s TOTALLY understandable if you kick your dog”?

  8. Econael says:

    Ok no way this bill is getting passed. It’s utterly ridiculous and I think a couple of not so small game publishers located in the US will have a word in this.

  9. Chris says:

    I think this is about as asinine as things can get, i hate how people blame everything on video games, because its so much easier to blame video games then realize

    1)Your a bad parent and let your 8 year old play M rated games and curse at
    people on xbox live chat!

    2)That some people are just mentally unstable, there were plenty of murderers
    before video games came along.

    3)This violence is every where in the music, on tv, in the movies, its gonna get
    seen one way or the other.

    Lets take this claim made over controversial content in the new game BulletStorm, “Other claims include that the game could reach audiences as young as nine years old, and that the gore and profanity could seriously traumatize a child of that age group.” Uh hello, how did the 9 year old get an M rated game, either a parent bought it, an older sibling that should know better, or the kid had access to internet and credit cards.

    I think people just need to wise up and stop blaming the games themselves and take some responsibility for once.

  10. Terry G says:


    A video game isn’t a pack of cigarettes, it seems like the freedom of personal recreation and enjoyment is once again under attack by the ‘nanny state’ (the government).


  11. Erika says:

    Be careful with some games. There are people who can not differentiate between reality and fantasy. Moreover, these very beautiful Nixie.

  12. BKSoban says:

    What In The Name of Murry?! This is idiocy on a scale unheard of! Yes I am aware that there are those that can’t tell the difference between the real world and a game but they had a problem before they started gaming. Smurf there are people that have never even looked at a video game and live in their own world.
    These games are rated 15, 18 or MA or what have you for a reason. If the parents, guardian, sibling or older friend buy the child said violent game they should be held responsible.

  13. Ismael Ahmed says:

    Video games remains the king of children’s pastime.

  14. anon82 says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. Heck, they even put suicide warnings on anti-depressants these days.

  15. MDLRob says:

    I don’t think that the Bill will stand up due to the fact that the links to violent behavior from video games ONLY resided within those people who has violent tendencies. Yes.. put a male child molester in a girl’s slumber party and something is bound to happen. It does not make sense how these studies are stopped short of the “light” and are not investigated further. When you trouble-shoot a problem, aren’t you supposed to look for the ROOT of the problem? ha… knuckleheads! FOR THE HORDE!!

  16. rogdek says:

    Yes, spanking the monkey does cause hairy palm syndrome…(if done excessively) !!

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