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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Linux Video Review: Webcam Recording in Ubuntu is Easy

For almost two years my primary recording device for YouTube videos has been a webcam. So believe me when I tell you that I’ve tried a lot of different applications on different operating systems to get the most from my camera, both proprietary and open source.

After searching far and wide for the best webcam capture program, I’ve finally found one that does everything I want it to.

Check out my full review of GUVCviewer here at OMG!Ubuntu!


  1. RottNKorpse says:

    Nice review…have you checked out WebCamStudio? It isn’t for capturing webcam video but rather for streaming live video to sites like Ustream or Even though I don’t know if you stream or not but this software is a VERY nice solution for that.

  2. julio says:

    gorgeous, pretty, smart, beauty, and brilliant..great job…estas preciosa mami y super bella!!!!

  3. Erika says:

    I liked the video. You do very well.

  4. fcpdia says:

    First, love the site as it REALLY helps me understand a lot of things. Thanx for your hard work!

    Acer Aspire One D255, Ubuntu 10.10: So, Cheese always dragged and I went for this program and ALL works well, xcept CANNOT find the normal panel which should display the features to record, etc. I posted on Ubuntu Forums ( There is a bit of background on this model which I started on the forums ( I add this as I am not sure if it is important.

    LOVE GUVC as it runs SMOOTH! The issue is that I am up-the-creek if I can’t record! 🙁

    Willing to do whatever is necessary in the way of reporting. If you don’t want to blog down your blog (no pun intended), my account has my email so simply instruct me on what you need in the way of info or if you don’t have time maybe you can recommend where I should search. Been to Ubuntu Forums, wrote the creator of the program and posted several other places including my local Ubuntu chapter.


  5. Paul says:

    No need to publish this as you didn’t publish my question about how to pull up the the control panel to save videos. FYI on a netbook AAO D255 you have to hover the mouse cursor at the bottom, center of the screen and then drag/expand to access it.

    Sorry I wasn’t trendy enough to constitute the ability to ask a question. I do feel it is rather unprofessional on your part. I liked your tutorials; however, I won’t be coming back. I contemplated on posting the same on the Ubuntu forums where I documented (as your blog requests us to check ALL other avenues of gaining info before asking here) and linked from there to here. At the end of the day I decided if you help your trendy, niche friends at least they learn something and muddy waters helps no one.

    I would state, in conclusion, that perhaps you should allow folks to post a question or two on your blog if you TRULY are attempting to help folks. If, though, your aims/goals are more nefarious in that they are ego driven one would wonder why you even got into open source to begin with.

  6. AmigoNico says:

    Very helpful — thanks! I just used guvcview with a Carson Zorb on Ubuntu 10.10 (well, Mint). Had to select the device and select JPEG output, and voila!

  7. Silvernode says:

    I’ve had trouble finding their homepage (if they have one) so can someone be so kind and throw me a link? Thanks

  8. backtogeek says:

    I have a list of tested linux compatible webcams on my blog

  9. This is GREAT!
    Thank you!

  10. Stan says:

    my search for good video capturing s/w ended here ! 🙂 thanks!

  11. Daniel León says:

    Thank you!!! this post helped me a lot!

  12. Si Brunk says:

    This player SUCKS! I tried for an hour, the cam is good but the sound lags, sort of make my videos as like I was on a 1970s Godzilla movie…the sound doesnt follow the video, it lags 1/10 stars for this trash program

  13. David says:

    Thank you! It’s exactly what i was searching for! 🙂

  14. benay says:

    Love this! Cool to see a confident tech girl that totally rocks! Looking for GUVCviewer now. Cheers – B

  15. e-con Systems says:

    Did you get a chance to check out “QtCAM”?

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