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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Do You Like to Please Your Palate?

Palate pleasing.. That sounds kinda naughty.

You probably already know how much I like video games and tech, but something you may not know about me is I’m a huge foodie. If this sounds a bit puzzling, let me grab a blurb from Urban Dictionary for you:

At the age of 18 I decided to rid my kitchen of the typical gamer foods (frozen pizza and Spaghettios) and delve into the world of being a food nerd. If chopped hamachi in spicy patismansi ponzu with asian pear doesn’t sound good to you, then my musings will bore you and you better quit reading. ;D

This year, in an interesting display of food and game fusion, I was on a 12 hour journey to a gaming convention and my tummy told me to stop in Portland. There I stumbled upon an “izakaya”- (sake house) that served up some orgasmic food.

I fell in love with Tanuki!
click pic for album

(If you’re wondering what Tanuki means, check this out.)

Within the stylish confines of Tanuki, I ordered Omakase, or “chefs choice.” I set my price at $25 and was in return stuffed to the hilt with fresh seafood, spicy kimchi and marinated meats. The sake kept flowing and came in all forms, cold and warm, local brews and even hot sake cider infused with thai chili and spices. I stayed long after Tanuki closed its doors where I enjoyed some hilarious Asian sitcoms with the chef and staff.

They were so sweet and had me wishing I wasn’t just a tourist to Portland. Before I left, we took a red-lit photo of me wearing the Tanuki shirt, but it just wasn’t good enough to showcase such a chill environment.

I hope these are better.

Get the flash player here:

(Flickr album link)

So guys, what food do you go crazy for?

Thanks Janis for letting me learn about you and the sake no sakana experience.. xoxo


  1. Brad says:

    hey great blog post 🙂

  2. james craig says:

    sexy pics Nixie:) big happy

  3. MiniMized says:

    I guess i’m a foodie too. even tough i never heard of that word before :3

    Nice pics of course!

  4. Jeff says:

    Japanese and Mexican are the best, but even when I go tot the local breakfast chain I like to find the odd combinations of food that they might have and give those a try. More often than not, I’m pleasantly surprised at how good it is.

    Question: Do you find that you occasionally fall into a rut of cooking the same things over and over again?

  5. Jonn says:

    I like to eat all kinds of Asian Food, I enjoy eating Greek, Italian, Indian food I often find myself trying to stay away from things we call American food to me sometimes it can be the same old things just served different. I am not a foodie just like trying new things and creating new things on my own love to cook for those who may enjoy it. Glad to see you had a great time on your Vacation welcome home.

  6. RyanJJohn says:

    I’m a fan of delicious flavor, but I hate the term Foodie. It just sounds so pretentious to me, you know? And I heard somewhere that Foodie is very close to an Indian slang term for a male body part. I’m pretty sure.

  7. Connor says:

    What? Am I the only person that is disturbed by the appearance of that liquid?

  8. Edward F says:

    I like all kinds of food. I love to try unusual foods. The most recent thing I’ve eaten (if you take things like lamb fries to be usual) would probably be Durian. It’s very sweet, and tastes kind of like carmalized onions. Definitely not something to eat every day, but I would suggest it for the experience. I like authentic Mexican tacos (the kinds you get at taquerias with lots of cilantroa and onion): barbacoa, tripa, lengua, pescado you name it. And most things Thai or Japanese are great as well.

  9. Yuzvik says:

    I finished

  10. Jazz says:

    I love Chinese and Japanese foods. I have decided in making my own sauces. hot, spicy, barbecue, marinades and rub (though not a sauce but a seasoning). chicken wings and pizza ales & wine are a also on the top of my list.
    thank you for the videos,blogs, and photos. you are a very gorgeous woman.

  11. Mike says:

    Wowzers ! Very pretty way of showing off that Tanuki shirt. lol ^_^

  12. James Cain says:

    I love experimenting with food! I recently made some kind of dish with boneless pork ribs (short) and sweet potatoes mixed with other select ingredients into some type of stew. It came out awesome luckily – it could of easily ended up as dog food.

    Being single allows you to experiment and no one knows when you bomb. But it’s fun to create.

    Check out the show “Good Eats” on food network. Alton Brown is Alton awesome.

    Great article and pics. I’m digging the boots.

    PS – This form would not allow me to post my blog url…it doesn’t like me :/

  13. Edward F says:

    Aren’t you supposed to drink sake out of a ceramic glass?

  14. Tobin Paul George says:

    those photos are excellent…you look gorgeous !!!!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Chinese and Italian pretty much rock my world. As far as Japanese food is concerned I like Ramen the best.

    P.S.: I like the way you work that bottle there^^ – so engrossed in it 😉

  16. Bobvdv says:

    Hi Nixie,

    Nice post about the Saké. I’ve been to Japan about 2 years ago and I drank different kinds of sake over there. I did like it but I really don’t remember the right names anymore.

    Nice pictures by the way.

  17. Alex says:

    Olá Nixie tudo bem , eu sou do brasil e tenho aconpanhado o seu blog e eu acho ele muito legal e voçê tambem é muito linda e ainda fala sobre tecnologia. Parabens é continue assim!!!

  18. Tanuki is pretty awesome, isn’t it? I’m lucky to live in the same neighborhood.

    The shirt looks, uh… really good on you.

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