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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Do You Like to Please Your Palate?

Palate pleasing.. That sounds kinda naughty.

You probably already know how much I like video games and tech, but something you may not know about me is I’m a huge foodie. If this sounds a bit puzzling, let me grab a blurb from Urban Dictionary for you:

At the age of 18 I decided to rid my kitchen of the typical gamer foods (frozen pizza and Spaghettios) and delve into the world of being a food nerd. If chopped hamachi in spicy patismansi ponzu with asian pear doesn’t sound good to you, then my musings will bore you and you better quit reading. ;D

This year, in an interesting display of food and game fusion, I was on a 12 hour journey to a gaming convention and my tummy told me to stop in Portland. There I stumbled upon an “izakaya”- (sake house) that served up some orgasmic food.

I fell in love with Tanuki!
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(If you’re wondering what Tanuki means, check this out.)

Within the stylish confines of Tanuki, I ordered Omakase, or “chefs choice.” I set my price at $25 and was in return stuffed to the hilt with fresh seafood, spicy kimchi and marinated meats. The sake kept flowing and came in all forms, cold and warm, local brews and even hot sake cider infused with thai chili and spices. I stayed long after Tanuki closed its doors where I enjoyed some hilarious Asian sitcoms with the chef and staff.

They were so sweet and had me wishing I wasn’t just a tourist to Portland. Before I left, we took a red-lit photo of me wearing the Tanuki shirt, but it just wasn’t good enough to showcase such a chill environment.

I hope these are better.

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So guys, what food do you go crazy for?

Thanks Janis for letting me learn about you and the sake no sakana experience.. xoxo