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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Rapelay – When the Line is Crossed

Odds are you’ve played a video game with murder in it. Maybe you’ve even played the character of a hitman – where you lie, cheat and steal your way to the next victim on your list. All of these things have been deemed acceptable by American gamers. However, what if we were to catch wind of a game that goes against everything we stand for?

The video game “Rapelay” was developed for the Japanese market and is described as a “molestation simulation that allows you to terrorize a woman and her two teenage daughters, with events ranging from groping on a train to gang rape..”

Amazon have now removed the item from it’s site following complaints about its nature.
“We determined that we did not want to be selling this particular item,” Amazon spokeswoman Patty Smith said.

Can we be against censorship and for it all at the same time?


  1. Jank Hank says:

    I say it was made in Japan, fine, they can have it, but keep it there. All I know is I’d be wary of the people playing the game, especially the guy atop the leaderboards.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gosh! I watched a Nixie Pixel video, and it didn’t just give me a good chuckle. It made me think. What is the world coming to? 🙂

    My $.02:
    1. No I don’t think this could be an outlet for someone sick enough to even possibly go out and do something like this. As much as I have enjoyed GTA4, I don’t look at it as an outlet for my tendancies to go out and cause havoc in this mannor (I don’t actualy have them by the way). As far as I can tell actuall “gangsta’s” that play this game are only dissuaded from mayhem as a result of this game for as long as they are sitting on the couch playing it.
    2. No, it shouldn’t be banned. I wouldn’t be interesed in playing this, and hopefully there is enough good in this world that this game won’t be purchased by enough people to sufficently make it worthwile to develop others of this nature. I know this not to be the case however because of:
    3. Before games of this nature are banned, all media of this nature should be banned. Porn, anime and literature depicting rape need to all be banned in one fell swoop before singling out any one medium to censor(ie gaming).

  3. Torch says:

    I’d never heard of this ‘game’ before, but I’d run across anime of this type and wondered the same things – who watches this? who created this? why? Of course, the ‘game’ crosses over the line a bit further than anime (of this type), because it involves actions and goals by the user.

    I have wracked my brain and discussed it with others, and cannot come up with an answer. I am sure it should not be banned, for one simple reason – when something is banned, it does not disappear; it simply goes underground, where it becomes harder to counter… those who have it will be even less likely to admit it, and those who might be able to counter it (parents, friends, etc) will be even less aware of even the possibility of its existence.

    And then of course there is the fact that making an idea ‘illegal’, requires ‘thought police’ – which can lead to an even greater harm, as in the book ‘1984’.

    You do pose a very good question in your video that has been raised before in other cases, that is: ‘Could it have value by serving as a an outlet for criminal urges that would otherwise be committed in reality?’

    As a gaming center owner, I have considered this at length, and my position has changed somewhat over the years…

    It’s clear that most people can view or play any of these games, and not be affected to the point that they will act them out; I think it is also clear that most people who do commit such crimes, already have the background and motivation that viewing or playing such games makes no difference in their actions.

    However, there are two other classes of players to be considered, and how the balance shifts towards one side or the other.

    On one side, you have those that are ‘borderline’; they already may be criminally or psychologically inclined, but do not cross the line until the use of such products either desensitizes them enough, or gives them what they see as ‘societal approval’, or perhaps even excites and incites them enough, until they take action. And even so, one cannot blame the game itself for the action – but it is a ‘contributing factor’.

    On the other side, there are those who might also have such inclinations, but the availability of games (or movies or such) gives them an outlet for such feelings or inclinations or opportunities for socialization, such that they will NOT act them out – whereas otherwise they might have done so.

    I tend to believe the average everyday ‘shooters’ carry little harm from ‘incitement’, and in fact likely produce significant benefit as an ‘outlet’; games like GTA may be riding the borderline of balance between harm or benefit, and so an ‘age-appropriate’ designation is probably a good idea.

    A ‘game’ such as this one, however, I doubt has any significant ‘outlet’ benefit; if someone finds the idea even slightly attractive, not only do I think this would NOT have any dissuasive effect, but likely will reinforce and enhance those inclinations. I cannot think of any case where, beyond one or two viewings, the desire to keep or use such products is anything other than harmful.

    Having said all that, I still don’t think it ought to be banned – or even boycotted. That only serves to promote it, and reduces the ability to understand and deal with the consequences.

    So, what to do with it?

    In my opinion, if someone actually likes it or views it more than a couple times (hey, curiosity does not make someone a pervert or a criminal, in my opinion) and does not delete it, I would be very concerned. I would voice my strong opinion that that is not acceptable and that if it persists, they ought to be getting some psychological help.

    But to make it a crime? No. That way also lies madness.

    (p.s. I tried to use the word h*e*n*t*a*i, and it wouldn’t let me post because of ‘illegal content’)

    • Linda says:

      It should be banned. All of this type of hate speech and human rights violations should be banned. Just say it! How can you say don’t ban it? You say you think it’s awful and that you wouldn’t play it, but don’t ban it? That is schizophrenic thinking of many people. To play this “game” is criminal activity of the mindset.

    • hyak100 says:

      What is worse – rape or murder? Seems the world at large regards murder as worse going by jail penalty’s so how come such a fuss about this and not GTA or Manhunt? Don’t see them getting banned, hypocrisy at large in the world today.

  4. Raven says:

    1. It is an adult game. Rated adult. So if a parent buys that game for there child.
    Then the parents are at fault.

    2. Outlet. I am so tired of hearing that. Rape, murder, theft and thousands of other
    things happened to people before video games, movies music and tv were around.
    If someone is going to do it. Then they are going to do it. That is the way it is.
    Some human beings are nice. Some are not.

    About banning the game……
    1. No. It is a shock game. Just like shock movies, shock music. It is meant to get a rise.
    It is supposed to be looked at with aw! As you play. Is it sick. Maybe. But in truth.
    If we want this banned. Then what about movies, present, past and future that had rape sense’s.
    Do we need to go after them. No. Because if you don’t like something. Then you don’t do it, watch it or play it. Nothing is making you go out and buy the game.

    2. No banning the game, because it would be a freedom taken away. If japan wants to ban it. Fine. But I don’t like the thought of it banned in the U.S. You mentioned people of the internet Being extremely liberal. For Obama, pro choice, having your own rights and decisions, and you mentioned morality. First morality is different from person to person. Ask a Muslim and a Christian about morality. You get two different answers.

    Second. Obama, holder, and almost every other Democrat is trying to stop and destroy Freedom of speech and The Right to Bare Arms. Trying to turn the country into European Socialism. They can do this because we the people have asked. Down through time for there help. Banning products, protection and relief etc.

    So asking for the game to be banned would just allow the government more power. So in closing. If you don’t like the game. Don’t play it. As for giving people ideas. Doubtful. As for being sick, That is a possibility. But also look at the movies that have come out through time that are considered sick.

    Yet they are still out there. Such as, Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox, Hostel, The faces of Death movies and Salo.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well, leave it to the Japanese to turn rape into a video game. I mean we all have the internets, is it really any secret that some people enjoy deviant sexual behavior? The Japanese just seem to be more creative and open in their expression of it. I doubt that this is a game made for shock value either. If it was made by a bunch of idiots from the US or some other country I’d say, maybe. No I think it was made specifically to feed the twisted sexual appetite of others.

    This type of pron is really nothing new. Rape fantasy and S&M, while not necessarily mainstream, have been in pronographic movies and videos for awhile. Yet those aren’t typically banned or outlawed. As long as, despite how they may act on film, the scenes are performed by consensual adults.

    I think y most people get upset by this or other violent material in video games specifically, is because of the interactive component. They figure if your controlling and directing such actions in a game it’s a small step up to the real thing. Imo, it’s still a very large step to go from pushing buttons on my keyboard and mouse, to going out and physically harming another living being.

    So is banning or outlawing this type of material really going to do any good? Doubtful. The only thing this will accomplish is to make such material harder to obtain. Anyone who seeks out this form of entertainment is going to go those extra lengths to get it anyways, and that includes those individuals who might be negatively affected by it. On the other hand the sick, sad person, that can’t seem to get excited unless they see someone being brutalized or otherwise dominated;
    They probably need this or they may just snap and decide it’s time to turn fantasy into reality.

    Which is what it really comes down to. An individual’s ability to separate fantasy from reality. People prone to such violent acts are going to commit them. Sadly, rape is not a new concept by any means. If someone can find an, arguably, “healthy” means of acting out such a fantasy, that doesn’t involve harming some innocent person, then I’m not one to take that away from them.

    (p.s. Apparently P*o*r*n*o*graphic is Pron’ographic. *sigh* y must censorship make it impossible to have an intelligent adult dialogue too?)

  6. kailys3 says:

    Oh dear. That was painful to watch x.x Indeed, it’s very similar to the issue of whether or not violent games promote violence in kids, and I maintain my stand that young kids, i.e. 16 or younger, should not be playing games that violent…because they are more impressionable at that age, and even with good parenting (which is oh so rare), they’re likely to not clearly define the realm of fantasy from the realm of reality. As for older people playing that game, well, I really wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that about them…just as I wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that they spend hours a day watching porn, or whatever. Being allowed here…hmmm. I don’t like the thought of it, but indeed, if the government decides that this game isn’t safe for Americans to play, then it might be the initiative they need to start banning less and less offensive games, until even silly fantasy-esque shooters like Halo could be banned. No, I doubt that would ever happen, but nonetheless that possibility must be considered.

    In conclusion, I really can’t say. Let other people decide whether to make it legal or not…I have no desire to play, heh.

    • Linda says:

      Sorry friend, there is nothing “healthy” about this game. I see a scary tendency to excuse ciminal thinking, and allowing violation of human rights (especially of women and children). Once this filth infiltrates the mind, it becomes common place. Before long men or boys, won’t think twice about punching a woman, pushing her against a wall and fondle her or force sex upon her.I already have witnessed this behavior at the 8th grade level in school. And don’t think these kids don’t know this material is out there, they do! I’ve busted many boys who know how to break the code on school computers to access this filth.

    • Linda says:

      Come on people……….NO ONE should be playing “games” like this. What is wrong with your moral codes?

  7. Ms. Pixel says:

    I’ve been so busy that I almost missed the uproar over this game. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it.

    I think the game and its content has a lot to do with its origin. Japanese porn has highly strange elements. We can’t prevent people from developing these kinds of games because there is a vibrant market for this filth.

    I think the best way to combat this is to change the way children (boys and girls included) see themselves and each other.

  8. Flipkik says:

    I’ve decided too comment on this at last. Better late than never. I still have too read the other comments but I want too make mine without any influence of others.

    I don’t think these kind of games should be banned. I think they should be labeled 18+. The reason I think this is cause I’ve worked in a video store. And in the 18+ section there are also vids with around the concept of rape. Even in the 16+ dvd’s I know you could find quite explecit hent,ai in which the story was about rape. So I just think it would be stupid too ban a game cause it involves around rape and molestation if you don’t ban the Movies wich even 16+ can get their hands on.

    So I say make it 18+. People are supposed too be grown up enough by then too decide for themselves what they watch and don’t watch.

    I won’t try and make an opinion wether this could be an outlet for people who feel an urge or if it will stimulate people too rape someone? Since I think this is a psychological topic for shrinks and docters who have the needed background on psychology. This is not something you discus if you only have some basic knowledge or even non at all. You could convince others of what you think (just because your good with words), while it could be totaly wrong.

    Sorry for the bad english it’s not my native language.


    (There is a , in the middle of a word cause it was illegal so i had too adjust it a little?…)

  9. savocado says:

    It couldn’t be banned worldwide – no way to enforce it.

  10. Jay says:

    Sorry for the late post – just ran across this website from your ripping a dvd article which was on Digg.

    As abhorrent as something like this is, I don’t believe it should be banned because I believe that would be a violation of our freedom of speech. Once you have violated the principle, there are no grounds by which to defend your own specific case… A ban of this game would likely be based on a vast majority of people being opposed to the ideas presented in the game. Say in the future the majority decides to ban talk of abortion, because they find that idea offensive. By what grounds can you say one is valid and the other not? My point is, once you violate a principle, any principle, it’s a slippery slope. Like it or not, we should defend people’s right to free speech as an absolute, if we would like our right to do so to have any validity.

    The public can “ban” the game anytime it chooses – by voting with their dollar and refusing to buy the game, and let the good ol’ invisible hand take care of the rest, as somebody hinted at above.

  11. Hokurai says:

    So many hypocrites… It’s a damn GAME. I’m 14 and played this game out of boredom and found it a bit boring, but if you start banning some games then a lot of games with even slightly questionable content won’t be released and where’s the freedom in that? There is none. Even if someone did use it as an outlet instead of going out and raping real women then isn’t it better to have them on a computer then out on the streets?

    I doubt that this game would influence someone enough to go out and rape someone.

  12. Dr. Akuma says:

    Common element in these replies :” Ooh gross,but don’t ban it”

    Here’s a fresh( gross?) take: There are many people who enjoy this type of game. Violence is in our nature, and many of us do not try to bury this major part of our psyche. If you find this game offensive stop playing anything more than Peggle and Tetris.

    Impressionable? what is more impressionable than learning that the US is the world police, and can do whatever it wants? Kids learn early might makes right ( history written by conquerors)
    Society makes us nice docile consumers; that is the real damage.

  13. Klepto says:

    Omg you are hot, please keep talking.. dont care about what.

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