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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Why I’m deleting my Facebook

Don’t panic! I wanted to let you know about a change I’ll be making here on Facebook to be better able to manage things and provide you with updates & content.

In the near future I will be merging all my Facebook content to ONE MAIN “Like” page, rather than having to hassle with a separate Profile, Group and Page (like I’ve been doing.) =/

EDIT: My new Facebook page is now up, come say hi by clicking below!

Q. What will happen now?

When I shift to the new Like Page everyone who is my friend here will automatically “like” the page and be able to see my updates there. (hopefully, hehe ) I will have to re-upload pictures and some other things, but Facebook has developed “Like” pages for just my situation so I can’t wait to take advantage of some of these features.

Q. Why the frack would you do this?

I will explain more about my reasoning for the switch in a video that I’ll be uploading soon.


My profile was getting up there with friends, I got tons of messages a day and the NixiePixel group also has 3,000 + members… so I think I can communicate with you guys a LOT better by combining all my various pages instead of trying to manage them all individually.

p.s – You won’t be left in the dark when I mark these changes, I promise and I hope you don’t mind that I tagged those of you who comment most on my current FB page, just didn’t want you to miss out on this message. <3

What do you think?

  • antaios256

    After reading the title of this post, I originally thought you were getting rid of Facebook over the fact that Mark cant even keep his own account secure from hackers. also if i might recommend a forum of your own on this site, it might make the whole streamlining process a bit easier.

  • Bobby

    I’m glad you are staying on Facebook. You should make videos more often.

  • Abdo Gamal Masoud

    Why 🙁 You didnt create the group some other guy did, Im sad now you leave.

    • Glen

      you need to find Nixie’s PAGE not the GROUP
      (it’s all explained in the video !)

  • Terry

    Sounds like a good idea. Will we get to see you posting more videos?

  • Scott Evans

    Oh like the others I too misread the announcement… OK so we look forward to seeing the new you!

  • Matt B

    Like you anyway we can keep in touch. Sorry to hear about the Spammers!!

  • Nixie
    Liking your work , and hoping you actually are dropping that face book farce. Mark doesn’t even let you control your own pictures. (naughty for saying this but Id rather see you on ace book).
    The videos and opinions are great, and “Bring Back Leo!”.
    (Say hello to your mum for me).

  • I think you really understand what FB can (and can not) 🙂 I think this will work.

    I came unto your account here from YT videos about video-editing with Linux apps. So far I have used Kino but it seems to have stopped, so I may go to another app.

    I like the tone of your writings and your videos on YT.

  • Ludwig

    I have not seen you lately in youtube (i.e., Nixiepiexel ornxiedoeslinux) are you okay? Are you coming back to Youtube?

  • Ivan

    Woops Nixie! Sounds terrible! However, we can still follow you on twitter, ¿right?