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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Winner Announced – All my seXbox Belong to You!

I re-recorded the video for my video plans and Nixie news (will be posted here tomorrow), but I figured I could link to the live stream for the winner announcement from my last giveaway, since having a super high-quality feed for it is not exactly necessary. 😉

Thanks everyone for playing and to the winner Bull! Like I say in the video, there can only be more giveaways from now on.. so don’t be afraid to try your luck again when the time is right.  =)


  1. bull69833 says:

    yay i won, you know the saturday i turned off my twitter widget, going i know it was a long shot but i probably wont win it. i got on last night to see who won and saw a bunch of people tweeting me so yea i had to look for a bit to find out why.

  2. sulaiman says:

    i want a xbox my parents dont allow me — please help me

  3. Bryson says:

    I want to one for free

  4. MonmonToni says:

    Let me win 🙂

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