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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Why I don’t play Xbox Live

In my gaming experience, it just seems like the only PC crowd is more friendly, on the whole. Here is some supporting data for that hypothesis:

… Well yes I need a bit of anger management too at times, I just get a little sarcastic/uppity when provoked. Don’t you?


  1. DirectTerror says:

    I was in an accident this winter so have had to play xbox and ps3 more then i usually do and have had one or two bad messages (on xbox none on ps3). its not that bad, i mainly play reach though. just finished making a gaming computer so will see if its better. Playing black ops i usually get asked if im a terrorist though *l*

    usually when they send a message they were the worst person in the game so its funny anyway.

  2. James says:

    Sounds like someone desperately needs a hug ;o)

  3. BKSoban says:

    What? You are kidding right? Sure I get angry when I lose but I would never send a message calling them a “James Blunt” its just not cricket!

  4. Osiros says:

    Ok Then Lets Play System Link, I Cant Play Live Since I Bought A Previously Used Console And It Was Banned But I Can Play System Link Like On XLink Kai Or Xbslink… Think About It I Need A Partner For Dead Island U Can Be Sam B *-*

  5. Timothy says:

    On the PC I know it is my fault when I mess up, on counsels its debatable.

  6. Damian says:

    I’ll play nice with you.
    Wait, that wasn’t supposed to sound as creepy as it did…

  7. Kat says:

    I just ran across this comment a short while ago in a random search on Google. One thing I will say is I used to loath Xbox Live myself, just for the reasons you’ve mentioned.

    This summer I ended up being injured and had a lot of time at home / time off from work due to it. So? I found myself with more time to play video games (when the drugs weren’t kicking mah butt).

    What I managed to find was that there are numerous groups on Xbox Live, PSN, etc that are adult gamers (21+), and I joined one of their groups (I won’t advertise them here b/c that’s just tacky).

    Anyway the point is they where pleasent people, I’ve had a great time gaming with them, and now I’m a member of their group. I never was a gal for the whole ‘guild / clan’ scene… until now. I don’t listen to the random morons on XBL Anymore, just my fellow gamers I’m grouped with that actually have a IQ higher then their shoe size.

    I hope that helps ya out.

  8. Kex says:

    Yeah I agree the pc crowd is friendlier but don’t be put off by some knob jockey. your gonna get douchebags like him in every walk of life.

  9. Dee says:

    The guy’s account name is “lz SL4Y3R lz”. His personality disability should be obvious to anyone. And he’s British. He’s already beating the odds simply by not having accidentally taken his own life in an auto-eroticism asphyxiation accident.

  10. Andrew Suffield says:

    Hey! I’ll have you know that most British people are extremely careful in their auto-erotic asphyxiation.

  11. Brian says:

    You can always set your profile to ‘family’

  12. I live in Britain, I do get a fair share of shit heads, no matter where you are or how careful you are, you’ll eventually bump into them, there is nothing much you can do apart from taking no notice of them.

  13. Cools says:

    All i can say is .. you can beat the oldies

  14. ruskie says:

    Well I only play on the PS3 since I don’t want a windows machine nor pay for the license and I can say I haven’t yet gotten any negative comments on there from anyone. Infact it was more the opposite. In a game I had someone tried snipping me and me him. At the end of the round I got a PM from him with a “No, no” since I didn’t manage to get him. Had a nice chuckle about it.

    I have this feeling that the PS3 sports more mature players than the xbox. Atleast from my own observations.

    I doubt I’ll ever get a gaming PC with a Windows license though.

  15. Ben says:

    Yes PC gaming is friendlier. Only if you’re one of them. They can be the most elitist douchebags to others.

  16. Joshua Salmond says:

     I play on xbox live and what I’ve noticed is it depends on the game your playing. Some games attract people that cheat and treat others badly and other games have more hard core gamers that don’t cheat and try to be nice and have a fun time when playing.

  17. Chris M says:

    There is a lot more trash talking and competitiveness on xbox live, but PC isn’t much better. When Battlefield 3 came out I bought it for the xbox because at the time I didn’t have a PC that could run it. I eventually bought it for PC after an expensive new build. I always enjoyed gaming on the PC, especially games like battlefield, because the PC crowd was always more friendly and mature. I think this was due in part to the fact that PC gaming was more costly so you didn’t have as many kid that had nice gaming PC’s. However with this current generation kids have become more spoiled and their parents will buy them just about anything to shut them up when they start throwing a tantrum. So now the same 10 year old children that are cursing me out o xbox are also on PC cursing me in chat and hacking out the game (which is so much easier on PC). You’ve just got to accept the fact that you can’t avoid it.

  18. Ironmanmlr says:

    I find some Xbox Live players to be very annoying indeed. Unfortunately everyone I know is on it. None are PC gamers and personally they are the type I would tell to back away from the computer before they hurt themselves. Most of my PC gaming was with flightsims and a little bit of Diablo. I am disabled and have difficulty sitting at computers for long periods now. With so much mind numbing time on my hands, I suffer through COD on the Xbox to have some chat time.

  19. mscottveach says:

    I could listen to Nixie say Ubuntu for hours. Which makes it all the more sad to see what a crush she on what’s his name….

  20. Stephanie Daugherty says:

    I generally refuse to use a game’s built-in voice chat, since in my experience, you rarely find a “pub” game of anything with the level of organization to make proper use of it, and even when you do, some griefer quickly starts trying to make everyone’s ears bleed.

    I regard built-in voice chat as a pointless feature that everyone thinks then need and nobody really does. Either you are an organized team or tight group of friends, in which case you probably have your own, dedicated voice server (with better sound quality, lower latency, and substantially less trolling), or you are playing with “pubs”, and will quickly find yourself spending more time muting people than playing the game – at which point voice becomes somewhat useless.

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