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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


2008 PAX Convention Photos with Bonus Blur!

I was lucky enough to be in Seattle at the right place at the right time. Penny Arcade was having their 4th annual expo in August where I got to play games that we’re playing now; GOW2, Fallout 3, Resistance 2..but then it was pre-release so it made me even more happy. :>>

Warning: Most of them were super blurry, but here are the tolerable ones.

Dell’s “Extreme Gaming Tour Bus”
Extreme Gaming Tour Dell 2008 PAX

City of Heroes Booth
COH booth PAX 2008 convention

My first time playing Gears of War 2..
Gears of War 2 Booth PAX expo

Approaching the Fallout 3 Booth..
Fallout 3 Booth PAX exposition 2008

The woman greeting me in the Fallout 3 section. She looked all pretty in her post-war garb! <3
Fallout3 PAX 2008\

Finally, I went out to catch some air.