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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Come on baby make it hurt so good…

So what do you do when doing what you love hurts you? I made a video to show some of the things you might find difficult to do if that happened. I wanted to have a little fun with my war wound.

But hey, there are always games like EndWar, which I find fascinating because of the really well-done voice command system. It isn’t exactly “playing at the speed of thought” or whatever marketing bullshit they came up with, but it is absolutely innovative when it comes to command interface.

Maybe I should go back to being a commander in BF2…

Naw…the locos there never listen to commands. In EndWar they listen.. they just suck at what they do. In BF2 I’m more likely to be blown 20 feet in the air by a “friendly” pack of C4 than to have my orders followed.

So what do you gamers do when life, or injury, makes you take a break from your gaming habit?

Who’s up for a game of “Remote Masseuse?” *wink*

UPDATE: Guys, you know the “masturbation” thing was a joke.. right? 😉