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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


SoaSE Expansion : Entrenchment – What to Expect

I got a message in my Inbox this afternoon from the folks over at Ironclad about a new Entrenchment trailer that came out, and since the game is being officially released on the 25th, I just had to share it with you guys:

In honor of this momentous event, I’d like to give you the low down on the upcoming micro-expansion. For those who don’t know what I’m going on about, kindly be teleported here.

For the others that only know the bare minimum about Entrenchment, it’s time to get schooled. Here I will highlight the new game features added into the new expansion for Sins of a Solar Empire, which is going to be sold for a whopping $10. Welcome to class, try to follow along.


Make no mistake about it – these are the monsters you’ll have to watch for when you decide to invade a hostile planet. The turrets and hangar defenses will seem like peashooters when you meet the wrath of a fully upgraded Starbase.

[lightbox [Vasari Starbase]]windows movie maker screenshot[/lightbox]

Examples of Upgrades for Starbases
(Starbases vary with each faction and are unlockable with research)

  • A huge fleet of squadrons can be built to fight alongside the Starbase
  • Some can be colonized, adding greatly to your planets population
  • Hit points can be increased to that of several planets combined (Mine was upgraded to 14,000 HP ;D)
  • Some bases can use self-regeneration and allied-ship repairing abilities

The Advent, TEC and Vasari are all receiving their very own specialized way of creating mine fields, with different ways of affecting their opponent:

  • Proximity Mines

  • Homing Mines
    The Advent

  • Gravity Mines
    The Vasari

Fun Fact: You’ll learn to love those expendable scout ships as they now function as mine detectors.

Extra Goodies
  • Beefed up turrets (mostly damage buffs)
  • More offensive ships for all factions
    Watch out for those TEC torpedo cruisers, they are nasty and deal incredible damage to structures – Ouch!

  • New artifacts
  • New Planet Properties and Bonuses

So ends this session of Entrenchment 101, I hope you found the points covered fun to masturbate to, or masturbate with.. or just stare in awe at, as I tend to do. Trying it out for yourself is the only way you can appreciate the full level of awesome that this micro-expansion delivers.

Entrenchment is available only for digital download. The best news is, you don’t have to wait until the 25th to play – buy the game here and you can start playing the Beta right now!

Our Journey Begins Anew

Class dismissed.