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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Fun with Face Morphing

Have you ever wondered how you’d look as a video game character?

“Hi, I’m Nixie Croft.
Apart from my strange lack of boobage, (evidence of this here) you may have noticed that I look a bit different. This is because I had an invasive procedure called a “face morph.” It’s like a face lift, except sillier. If you’d like to know more, I have to ask that you sign a few papers and you’ll be well on your way to a new digitally modified face!”

Seriously, though. I have wasted a better portion of the day and night making men look like women, women look like animals, animals look like movie people, and movie people look like Yoda.

[lightbox [The Force is With Them]]morph faces[/lightbox]

Normally I’m not for cheese, and morphing the faces of Brad and Angelina online so I can say that I have created the REAL “Brangelina” is quite cheesy. However, when I saw they had game characters as part of their selection I was certain that this was the redeeming factor.

The first thought that flooded into my brain at that point was: Half Life. Must…Find…Alyx. What if I morphed the face of the heroine of Half-Life with, say, the heroine of hot. Flames would ignite and magical things would happen, right?

free face morphing megan

Since Megan Fox came into our lives in a movie alongside Optimus Prime, it was only fitting that we transform Alyx into the glamorous goddess she’s secretly longed to be:

Alyx Fox
Do you think Freeman would hit that?

Of course it didn’t stop there. Morphthing showed some Star Wars love along with having some ecological characters like monkeys and puppies. Being able to morph faces for free, I uploaded Dexter from my favorite T.V series and combined his face with that of Chewy. Some of the combined faces didn’t come out so well:

[lightbox [Let the Wookie Win]]morph a face chewy[/lightbox]

I don’t figure this website to be just free face morphing software, I consider it to be an all-in-one self esteem program. Having a bad hair day? Crop out your face and replace your do with Elvis Presley’s! Developing crows feet? Don’t sweat it.. just super-impose your face over some 17 year-old’s and you’ll feel half your age! Just make sure not to have any mirrors lying around; I went into shock when I realized I wasn’t Miss Croft’s twin sister:

Damn, all this talking in a British accent was for nothing. :no: