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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Fallout 3 : The Accidental Quest for Lincoln's Repeater

So I was playing Fallout 3 the other day, wandering around in the Wasteland, sippin’ on gin n Rad-X. Laaaid back. I was doing every body’s bidding but my own, ’cause I had to be a damn good character. After a while I decided to take a break from the blisteringly hot sun and sneaked into the History Museum for a breather.

Bad idea.

{{ This story reads two ways and has minor spoilers (where items are found). If you just like reading, read the action-filled story from beginning to end and enjoy. 😀 If you’re playing Fallout 3 and haven’t gotten the Lincoln’s Repeater yet, if you follow the actions in this story you will find the precious gun, like I did. }}

Since I have the difficulty on “Hard”, there were tons of slobbery feral ghouls that didn’t take to kindly to the fact that my brains were safe within my skull. They instantly swarmed me, and not to give me a friendly hug. (which hugs would have apparently happened if had I had the “Ghoul Mask”, but I had no idea at the time)

Fallout Feral Ghoul Screenshot Photo

I did what any logical person on 2 hours of sleep and very little Nuka Cola would do: I ate a buncha’ Cram. With a full health bar now, I decided to go to town on these ghouls. NO, they are not Zombies..I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to do that to a poor zombie. :no:

Finally, I got through the ghoulish mass with my puny little .44 magnum; it was all I had left after many hours of previous adventuring. Fighting my way to the door where the offices were, at near the back left corner. I could feel my heart beating in my chest as I tiptoed into a large room, encountering a turret that also wanted a piece of me.

Cramming more Cram into my mouth, I put it to rest with one toss of a pulse grenade. Kind of fed up with all this death and dying, I proceeded up the staircase on the side of a wall in the front of the room. After I scampered up the staircase, breathless.. there was this giant hole in the wall..

More ghouls. Okay, so Ghouls are nothing new. But what the hell… is… this?!

Fallout 3 Glowing One Screenshot Pic

I went through almost all my yummy Cram trying to kill the Glowing One. Man, what a fine place for me to take a break, huh? I mean, why is this place so heavily guarded?! Why can’t we all just get along? Heading through the giant hole, there was an eerie silence, as my eyes scanned the lines of cubicles.. I ventured to the farthest cubicle on the left and on the desk there was a display case. Tilting my head inquisitively, I flip up the latch and low and behold!

The Lincoln’s Repeater, in perfect condition — a gun with the accuracy of a sniper rifle, and the damage of a combat shotgun. (40 damage, 40% average ranged hit in V.A.T.S) Oh and guess what ammo it accepts? Trusty ol’.44 suits the Repeater just fine, which is just fine with me.. because you find it everywhere. With that, I tossed that broken magnum to the ground, snatching up Mr. Lincoln, a most worthy replacement.

Brandishing the gun in mid-air, I laughed maniacally, yelling like Bruce Campbell in (a non-shotgun version of) Evil Dead: “THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK!”

Boomstick Photo Bruce Campbell

The Wasteland was mine for the taking.