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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


His “Geeky Gaming Love” – Poem

I have never seen so many game boy-girl couple references in one piece of literature. Can you name all the games? This was submitted to me by the Internet Extraordinaire and Gaming Vigilante, The Herpinator. He dedicates it to a certain blonde-haired special someone (that is bound to know who she is.) 😎 Now without further adieu..

I will always be there to rescue you, for I will always be within your reach; I will stomp on every enemy, as I’m your Mario, and you my Princess Peach.

I will always fight by your side to win the battle at hand, no matter where you are at; I will be your squad leader and protector, Carter, and you will be my trusty sidekick and second in command, Kat.

Our love may be a bit rough and complicated, just like Buck and Dare; but with no other will I follow into battle, and our love is truly beyond compare.

If I ever lose you, as Dom lost Maria in the Locust Horde’s genocidal war; into a battle crazed frenzy I will go, and now that you are gone, my heart is as black as tar.

We will team up and battle our foes like Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance; I may not say much to you, but please give our love a fighting chance.

Like Jackie Estacado and Jenny Romano, our love goes on very long and is very deep; I may have my darkness and demons, but your love forever I will keep.

Like the Master Chief and Cortana, together we cannot be stopped; our paths are are intertwined as well as forever permanently locked.

We will go off on our adventures together searching for lost treasure, like Elena Fisher and Nathan Drake; we will always watch each others’ back on our journeys for each others’ sake.

I will never doubt your true allegiance or your love like Eddie Riggs did for Ophelia in his epic quest; I will find the true you and defeat all of my enemies at my very best.

As Tidus and Yuna found a way to make their love work, so can we; despite all of our hardships and obstacles, love will always set us free.

Together as Diddy and Dixie Kong teamed up to rescue their friend from the bad guy; we are unstoppable as partners and will not stop until we prevail or until we die.

You are my Farah and I am your Prince, and together we can win the day; we will stand and fight as one no matter what price we will have to pay.

Our loyalty and devotion to each other is like Ico and Yorda on our adventures throughout the land; and when you are down, I will always be there to help you to stand.

I will never forget as to why I’m fighting on my seeming impossible missions, but without you my heart would sink; I will continue my endless roaming, as you are my Minda and I am your Link.

Just as Han Solo and Princess Leia loved each other, worked side by side, and traveled so very far; our love will always endure using The Force, and we can get through and win this epic war.

Have a nerd poem you want to share? Send it to me here and I might post it up. <3