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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


GDC 2009 or bust?

You might not want to believe me, but I totally had a video recorded today. It wasn’t any old boring webcam video (hell no) it was actually 1280 x 720 of beautiful “HD” pixels. You have to pardon if my writing this evening is a touch on the maniacal side. You see, though I usually take stock in my spontaneity, the very aspect of my personality from which I thrive has decided to backfire in my face this entire day and night.

The Thought Process of a Nixie
1:00 pm: I’m bored. What shall I do today. Oh, I know! I should make a vain attempt at trying to get in to the Game Developers Conference — afterall, it’s only 2 hours away!

3:00 pm
: Okay, I’m packed and in the car. Let’s “hit the road, Jack.”

4:00 pm: Wow, the traffic is pretty awful. I can deal with that.. I’ll just make a video to occupy the driving time, which is totally safe and smart. So long as I’m wearing my seatbelt.

5:00 pm: I bound up the various escalators and into the registration room, frothing at the mouth with excitement only to hear that it “closed early.”

6:00 pm: I think I can handle that, I’ll just show up at the ass-crack of dawn when they open tomorrow. It was a bitch to get to the hotel, but I finally made it. Whew! Off to OM NOM NOM.

7:00 pm : I got my Indian Food on, which was New Dehlightful. (heh. heh.) I shall now upload my awesome driving video in my hotel for all the fine youtube folk. Wait, the internet is slower than molasses on a winters night? Lovely. Good thing it’s better in the lobby.

8:00 pm: Ahh! In the lobby now, but the video codecs don’t work! I need to use a different laptop.. Man that receptionist has the most annoying laugh. Where’s my flash drive?

10:00 pm: Okay, I transferred the files over and the hotel let me borrow their office computer. Now I’m just sitting here watching the progress bar while uploading my garbled video to Youtube.

10:30 pm :

11:15 pm :
Still waiting, this is torture — aahh shit the internet went down! Arrg.. time to start over.

11:30: Okay, re-uploading.. getting very sleepy.. eyelids heavy..

Midnight: …..If I rest my head here for just one minute.. Zzzzzz…. oh! I’m up, has it uploaded yet?! *stares at same progress bar*

1:00 am –
Fuck this, there’s no way this is worth it.. I’m dragging my ass to bed, even though the entire lower half of my body has gone numb from stagnation.

Thoughts before entering a fitful sleep state: Though technology is great, never put too much faith in it. It will destroy you.

Update: The video is up. w00t! The video is not HD and has no audio. I no longer care, hah!