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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Night of the Living Nerds – Top 5 Geeky Costumes

Costumes, candy corn, and cobwebs… Halloween came and went once more! This spooky holiday is a big deal for the Logitech team,  and I’m right there with them. We had a costume contest here at the SF Loft, and the winner took home a brand new Logitech Revue! Brace yourself for the Night of the Living Nerds, with the Top 5 best costumes from the event, and comments from their creators!

5. Grand Warlock Alythess a.k.a Aimee Pepper

The draenei have come!

“The reason I picked one of the Eredar Twin bosses [from World of Warcraft] for my costume was because it looked like an ensemble that I could make gritty and detailed…..”

Click here to read my article about the rest of the Top 5 on the Logitech blog!