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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


I’m Crazy and I Need Help!

I don’t usually participate in stuff like this, (and don’t worry the video has some funny stuff in it too) but I really think this would be an amazing way to share new technology with you, and even hang out together if you’re around San Francisco!

I am in the running for Logitech’s “Host with the Most.” where if chosen I will show off Logitech Revue with GoogleTV live to you, my fellow geeks. =) This is a perfect job opportunity for me and I need your help so that I can continue making videos and articles for you.

Please vote for me here and spread the word to your friends if you’d like.. so that I may share the Logitech Loft with you all!

I will be announcing the times that I will broadcast live in this post and here on Ustream.

Thanks for your support. <3

First live Q & A: Saturday 21st at 8:00 PM (20:00 ) PST on Ustream

Ask me anything below!