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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


My Photoshoot Theme Votes are IN!

UPDATE 9/5/2011

Calculating votes across the board on my website, Facebook, Google + and Youtube.. it looks like I’ll be in a corset and cables for the calendar shoot. I’m pretty excited about this theme actually as I really get to express how technology can ‘tether’ and ‘bind’ us at times.. I’ll announce more about the calendar as it gets closer! :mrgreen:

USB Cable on my deskFirst Real CorsetCorset Shopping

^ trying on corsets for the 1st time


>>>>>>> original post <<<<<<<<<

In support of the Breast Cancer Research Fund, I’m very excited to¬† have been chosen as one of the models who will represent the face (among other things) of geek in the 2012 Girls of Geek calendar!

I have no money to gain from this personally but a portion of each sale will help fund research for this worthy cause. For Breast Cancer Awareness month this October, the calendars will be printed featuring myself and 11 other girls in varying states of nerdiness for your viewing pleasure.

That’s where you come in. Since I owe you all a photoshoot, I’m giving you guys a week to vote for the theme you’d most like to see. Surprise! Make your vote count below:


On a semi-related note, here’s a sexy corset photo…

That is all. ^_^