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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


A Lust for Linux

A great deal of you started reading/watching my stuff based on my Linux tutorials. That’s why I completely understand how you’d like for me to start making tutorials again. I feel your pain, which is why I’m going to go ahead and give you your present early this year by making the formal announcement:

Soon after the start of 2010, I will be producing video content for

Edit: The guy whom I was working with at #Linux .com has lost his job so my future on the site is uncertain now.. Damn the economy. ='(

They will be a bit more advanced than my previous tutorials on Ubuntu and distros of the like, but I know you can handle it. Hell, half of the reason I’ve gotten to the knowledge level I have is because of the unyeilding support of you, the Linux community. My videos will be on a volunteer basis, and we expect them to be a weekly affair as they once were.

I can’t wait to start making them again for you guys, and I will let you know when the date comes closer. However small, I hope that this is a welcome gift for the holidays!  🙂

With love,