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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Nixie’s Holiday Contest for Gaming Memories!

Seasons Greetings! It’s about time for us to level up to year 2010, (you were able to tolerate me for an entire year).. and for that you deserve a gift! This time there’s $800 in prizes up for grabs, so listen up children!

The “What’s your best gaming memory?” Contest!

What you’ll win:

Your choice of:

  • 4 GB Mushkin Memory 996523 – 2x2GB XP2-6400 DDR-2 (designed to work at 800MHz with 4-4-3-10 timing settings and Vdimm between 1.9V and 2.1V)
  • New Left 4 Dead 2 game for XBox 360 with Limited Edition T-shirt!

Here’s how the contest works:

  1. Contest will run from December 25th to January 2nd.
  2. At the end of the contest, all entries will be shuffled and the prize winner will be chosen at random.
  3. You can enter multiple times, increasing your chance of winning!

How to Enter:

  1. Enter up to 6 times! (6 chances to win!)
  2. Video Responses count as an automatic 6 entries!
  3. Text replies count as 1 entry each.
  4. Write your positive gaming memories in Youtube comments, blog comments (located below) and @NixiePixel on Twitter titled: “My Gaming Memory is…”

Only 2 text posts on each site will be counted. For example: 2 replies on Twitter, 2 on blog, 2 on Twitter = 6 entries

:mrgreen: Non-winning memories will be featured periodically at the end of my gaming videos! :mrgreen:

This contest runs for only a week, enter while you can.. seasons greetings and good luck!