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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Thanks Patrons! Big Tech Giveaway

You may already know this, but a couple weeks ago I launched my crowdfunding Patreon page. I’m so happy (and honestly a bit surprised) to see that we have met all of our early access goals!

Per the milestones we’ve accomplished,  I will be focusing on:

  • hiring a video editor
  • employing a web designer (let’s face it, this site is so v. 1.0)
  • finally settling down into a place I can call my own
  • paying for my (stupidly overpriced) health insurance
  • fixing and/or purchasing a new camera to record videos
  • having an actual, real, live working studio space!

This would not have been possible without you, and because of this I’ve decided to do a tech giveaway live stream for my Patrons! You should be receiving a message in your Patreon mailbox listing the time and day of the giveaway soon. Please vote above for the item you’d most love to win.

Thanks again for everything – now onwards to victory, and more ambitious goals! 🙂