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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Rhythm Games: Bringing People Together Since '98

I feel about Rock Band like I typically feel about DDR, Karaoke Revolution, and any other games that require rhythm:


Except tonight those feelings were completely changed..

Now, despite having played all of the above games and have loved every minute of it, I am still left with the following questions:

1.) How can these games have such simple premises, but be so damn difficult to play?

2.) Why is there always something going on in the background while you play; like people dancing, flowers, other trippy visuals – but you can’t dare look at them for fear that it will cause you to miss a beat?

And possibly the most important question:
3.) Why are these addictive games more satisfying than popping bubble wrap?

I may never know the answers to these questions, but one fact has rung resoundingly clear all night tonight.

You see, the people currently at my house are all from different walks of life, with different interests, and definitely different personalities. Because of this, it’s almost impossible for us to connect on any sort of personal level. Alas, Christmas. The family is here, the Holiday ‘warm n’ fuzzies’ are lingering in the air..and the pressure to “connect” has never been more nagging on my mind.

Over the last few weeks of this familial congregation, we had spent dinners together, played board games, exchanged gifts, and casually talked back and forth with a bit of forced chuckle at each others lame jokes. However, there were no blips on the radar of our personal connection. Whatsoever.

Tonight was the last night that the whole family was going to be in my house.. before everyone went their separate ways. Exasperated, I decided to dust off the old drums, bass, and guitar of the Rock Band set I had a year back. I lugged the set upstairs and began to jack the bass in, unsure of what instrument I wanted to play.

“What’s that?” asked the younger sister of my best friend, she had just come to stay for a short while.

“It’s Rock Band. A video game.” I responded with a raised eyebrow.

She said she’d like to “try to sing a song”. I conceded, and so was our two person team. Then suddenly, the younger brother showed up. He had come from L.A.

“I’m in too, I’ll totally school you at drums.”

Smiling to myself, I nodded. Then the parents of the two mysteriously appeared and said they had to watch this all go down. My best friend showed up last but not least, his rightful place at the guitar.

So there we were, we all decided together, to play “Tom Sawyer” by Rush. We all messed up bad, together.. and laughed about it, together. The children played and giggled throughout and the parents clapped after we delivered each and every horrible performance.

Apparently the solution to our “connectivity issues” was there all along.
Stop trying, and start gaming.