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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Shameless Plug for … Cookies?

Who knew that posting about the video we made would be such an eye-opening experience. I think it was received well overall, such as this:

Gamespot screenshot

(Well, at least I think that’s a compliment…;D)

However, there were definitely some “haters”.

Gamespot screenshot

And apparently I’m a pedophile having just turned 22 and having shown no b00bies whatsoever:

Gamespot screenshot
(this and more at this gamespot forum! )

What I’ve been trying to explain to said people in said forums is my part wasn’t intended to be funny, but moreso what the casual gamers attitude would be in contrast to Dark Natt’s which is obviously staying up until 6 in the morning “pwning noobs.”

People thought the shower scene was a “shameless girl plug” of promotion.. since we made so much money off this video and everything. Apparently it all was a plug to get.. cookies!

Well, I’m sorry, guys..

Thanks a lot for listening to my semi-rant– and for acknowledging that there are, in fact, people behind the (however crappy) video we made. You all deserve cookies for that. Oh.. and you deserve this too: