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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


To Siege or Not to Siege – Starcraft 2 Poem

To Siege or Not to Siege

Shall I siege and shoot far into the land?
Or shall I rather not, and focus on what’s at hand?
Shall I stay put here and make my very last stand?
Or shall I be mobile, ‘cuz hardly anything goes as planned?

My head hurts from weighing this important decision,
I’d rather just focus on my artillery precision.
Don’t know much about the objectives of this mission;
Hell, where I shoot at, I don’t even have proper vision!

Right now, I’d rather be in my bunk-bed,
too often, I’ve already hit my damn head.
But I guess, it’s really not that bad,
at least inside here, I’m not already dead!

A note from the author: I just wrote a little piece about the siege tanks. It seems those tank drivers are more eloquent than we thought. Maybe they’re not stupid gunslinging hillbillies after all, who would have guessed! 😎 – Econael