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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


The right selection is to protect your erection!

The internet is for pr0n, so you need to protect yourself. Especially you guys coming here (no pun intended) looking for video game porn – you know who you are! In my latest video I show people how you can use a Linux live CD to clean a Windows machine, without any Linux knowledge at all. I also reminded everyone to be safe and turn off javascript, but some of you had no idea why.

Everyone but real net noobs know not to download and run random executable files. And if you’re not running anti-virus software as well (or Linux!), then you should unplug your internet connection. Seriously. Unplug your computer. Right now. If you are on Windows and you don’t have AVG Free, Avast!, AntiVir, or some other type of protection, you’re taking more risks than going bareback in a bath house.

These days though anti-virus software (or even running on Linux) just isn’t enough. The bad guys are always just one step ahead, and antivirus software is always reactionary. But even more than that one of the most common ways people get infected and/or hijacked today is through their web browsers (and here Linux gives you very little advantage). They do this through malicious ActiveX or Javascript code. They can even do this through things such as advertisements that “safe” sites run without knowing about it. So how do you protect yourself?

Anti-virus/Anti-spyware software – this is a great start, and everyone should have it. AVG Free does both reasonably well. If you don’t have something like this (and are on Windows), use one of the links above or feel free to try and set the world record for number of infections on one computer.

ActiveX – don’t run Internet Explorer if you are at all concerned about security. Choose a real browser.

Javascript – Firefox has a wonderful add-on called NoScript that allows you to completely shut off javascript, then selectively allow “whitelisted” domains to run the scripts. Take a look at this review for some more information.

I have to warn you – running Noscript for the first time is like being a condom newbie. It just doesn’t feel as good and is a general pain in the ass the first few times you try it, but after a while you get used to it and you are a hell of a lot safer.

So remember, don’t be silly, protect your willie!