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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Video Gadgets – Made for the Movies

As we’ve recently discussed, technology is ever-changing. From old dial black and white TVs to the giant 60 inch plasmas we have today. It seems like we are advancing at the speed of light, all the while we never lose our love for gadgets, just like I never lose my lust to tell you about them.

Here’s a few video doodads I’ve found that turned me on.
(I was referencing a T.V remote.. sheesh..)

Sanyo Xacti E1 – Wet and Sexy

$5oo MSRP – $434 through link

Unlike me, you probably have the ability of opening your eyes under water. Next time you go swimming skip the disposable camera that you sealed in plastic wrap and arm yourself against bad video with the Sanyo Xacti E1.

This is the worlds first completely waterproof camcorder, it captures VGA videos in up to five feet of water along with shooting 6 megapixel stills of those close encounters with fire coral. Forget a viewfinder as this cam comes equipped with a metal-encased LCD to provide clear views of the one time you “accidentally” swim into a school of nudists.

Big Stage

Not me, a sample model .. the 3d renders are pretty accurate

Most everybody has a few pictures of themselves lying about somewhere. Dust them off an put them to good use! Using technology that was funded by the CIA to make more accurate security systems Big Stage takes your pictures and makes 3-D models of them for purposes of entertainment. Super impose your digitally modified head over Mr. T among numerous other famous clips in cinema.

I’ll be watching this company closely as they say they’ve got their foot into the door of the gaming industry. Could you imagine playing a game like GTA or Mirrors Edge where the star looks and walks like a digital you? Talk about those choose-your-own-adventure books coming to life!

You’re in the Movies!

We all love the Three Stooges as the Kings of slapstick humor. People have tried to re-enact their skits for ages but something has been amiss. Become a modern Larry, Curly or Moe with Microsoft’s You’re in the Movies. With your 360 and your Xbox live camera, you can create your own slapstick show with nothing but Me, myself an I! The program creates a green screen effect, so you can bop your virtual self in the head a zillion times without feeling a thing.

If you’re really technologically savvy, you could combine all three! Take pictures of yourself and friends underwater with your camcorder, then create 3D models of those photos with Bigstage and finally re-enact said bopping with the “You’re in the Movies” game! Just so long as you recite this quote while doing so:

Moe: (to Curly) Remind me to kill you later.
Curly: I’ll make a note of it. (searches himself) I ain’t got no pencil.
Moe: Well, I changed my mind, I’m gonna do it now. (Bonk!) Grab that chisel, chiseler!

Ahh.. the classics.