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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


Video Game Porn – Left 4 Head

Having porn based on video games is just automatic. Where there are hot game characters, there will also be hot low budget sex films depicting them, right? However, when I found out that one of these films is modeled after Left 4 Dead, I just couldn’t help myself.

Except for the zombies, we all know that Left4Dead is not really sexy. Hell, the only aspect of Left 4 Dead that resembles the slightest bit of mojo is Zoey, and maybe Francis if you’re into the backwater bucktoothed redneck type.

video game porn left 4 dead

As with most pornos, viewer discretion and Kleenex is advised..

Fanboys of Left 4 Dead can now rejoice as this 12 minute flick will change the way they look at the game forever. Befitting of a low-budget rompfest, you need a catchy title. The “producers” decided on:

“Left 4 Head”
left 4 head gamer porno

The video starts with a pistol-toting Zoey wandering around outside in the dark looking for Louis. Apparently once you go black you never go back, as she winds up in a house with two zombies and rejects their advances in the most violent of ways.

After sadly shooting and killing the zombies before they get a chance to get a piece of her, a Hunter scampers across the floor followed by a Smoker who takes his 8 foot long appendage and silences Zoey with it. Gagged now, she then goes through charades of squirming and flailing, along with randomly lifting up her shirt despite trying to portray that she’s an unwilling participant:

zoey video gaming porns

Zoey manages to shoot the Smoker who flees the scene of teh sex, showing none of this on camera (like showing blood could be any worse for the flim). Moving down the hallway now, the Hunter returns and stalks her ass, pulling off her clothes like the zombie need for “braaains” has been replaced by the desire for “boooooobs.” I got the high school vibe as they awkwardly grope and dry hump each other until the Hunter decides to show her his goods.

Much like the slinky penis before it, these goods were also some fake plastic adaptation of all the tentacle anime you’ve ever watched. Incidentally this was the scariest part of the 12 minutes. Zoey makes the “head” portion of the title officially “come” true when the money shot “downs” her and she is dragged off into the darkness, presumably to be subjected to the ministrations of the Boomer and the Witch.

This gamer porn flick was right on the edge for me. They used the sound effects straight from the game, which totally wins them relevancy points without necessarily redeeming them from B-rated nasty.

However, I was a survivor, as I could sit through the whole thing. Above is a PG-13 video summarizing Left 4 Head.

Did you survive?

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