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Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept

Kindle Actually 77 Year Old Concept


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I know this doesn’t have anything to do with video games, but the recent news caused me to be unable to write about anything else. I’ll probably get the royal shaft for telling you this, but the fifties era has always razzed my berries. To translate from the era’s slang terms; it means I am a complete and utter fiftiesphile. I love the music. I love the 3-D movies. I love the hairstyles, the dancing, the fashion. I even love the hula hoop, like the Original “Wham-O” that came to be in 1957. (I made my own hoop just like it which I use)

Yet, above all the things that originated in the 50’s, I love pin-up girls the most…

My pin-up girl of choice was Ms. Betty Mae Page.
She was a blue-eyed, black haired beauty from Tennessee.
Betty was in Playboy (back when it was really classy) and they coined her “The Girl with the Perfect figure.”

In 1955; a world of ‘prim and proper’, Betty definitely went against the grain as a sex symbol with her racy outfits, bondage and boots. Some would argue that she was one of the reasons why the sixties blossomed into a generation of “Free Love”. She played a part in a show the “Teaserama”; slightly erotic by today’s standards, but it was pretty close to porn back then.

Betty Page Tempest

The usual audience of “squares” could secretly get in touch with their sensual side while they watched her films, like this one [warning, it’s a lil’ racy]:

She didn’t let stardom get to her: (from “Through the years, to protect the privacy she craved, when people would recognize her and ask if she was Bettie Page, she’d answer, “Who’s that?”

Who, indeed. Complex, contradictory, extremely intelligent, exquisitely pretty, naughty or nice, not even Bettie Page herself can tell us who she is, exactly how she got that way, and what it all means. She’s one pin-up no one can pin down, although the mystery fails to deter millions of us — and millions to come — from trying.'”

Betty Paige Sexy post page

Yesterday, the queen of pin-up died at age 85. She left in her footsteps a long legacy of pushing societal boundaries. Nearly fifty years ago, knowing her reputation for breaking the mold, Ms. Page had remarked: “I never was the girl next door.”

Betty, you will be missed. :no: